December 9, 2008

Puggy Snuggling

Hi everyone,
Bajas showed us how he and his brother snuggle on their sofa. Ollie thought that looked like a good idea so he snuggled up on the back of our sofa.

Charlie saw how comfy Ollie was and decided to join him.

I think Ollie just wanted to go back to sleep and had no interest in posing for me.

Ok, kids, back to snoozing!

snuggly pug hugs!


  1. I love your snuggling pictures! I am at home doing that very same thing right now! Stay warm, Charlie and Ollie!!!

  2. Snuggley snoozing is a really important job, and takes lots of focus and concentration. What a couple of expert snuggley snoozers you have there! with admiration from your puggy friends in Texas...

  3. Oh, snuggling is the best!! We are in the middle of a big snow storm right now, but my parents are still at work, and not at home snuggling me!!
    Love Clover xo

  4. You learned real good from Bajas!

  5. hi puglette!
    those are the cutest pictures! thanks for the smile!
    m & e

  6. AWWWWW! Ollie (the tan one?) looks like he's saying, "Leave me alone!" Oh, I just want to kiss his wrinkled forehead. Go back to sleep, Ollie!

  7. Mom says she recognizes that position. What great photos.


  8. They look so cute snuggling! I as well can't resist the cuteness of pugs snuggling! My pugs like the back of the sofa too; its funny how alot of pugs like to perch like that!

  9. Hahah too cute! I always see pictures of pugs on the backs of couches. My cats do that and form huge indents in the top of the couch, but our Daisy is not that athletic and settles for a lap instead!


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