December 3, 2008

Blogger's Block

Hi everyone!

Ok, it's official, I have blogger's block. I can't think of a single thing to write about, so I guess this is my topic for today. ;o)

I want to post something witty and full of pictures. But I have not been witty for weeks! It's just the usual, laundry, dishes, house work and puppies. And even they have been kind of dull lately. Geesh!

I have made some decisions about working. I will be studying to get my loan originator's license. That way I can be a loan officer or more likely, a contract loan processor. In Washington state we have to be licensed to be an independent loan processor. If I worked in an office for someone with a license, I don't need one myself. I have also met someone who may have need of some part time office help.

That would be a perfect combination for me. I could work on some loans, which I enjoy and also do some bookkeeping / office work at home. I have always wanted to have a home office and a basic fax machine / printer would be fairly reasonable.

Ok, so that is all my news for the moment. I am almost finished with the hat for my sister in law. I will be back later with pictures of the finished hat. I really like it so far. :o)



  1. We don't think that's blogger's block! That sounds like your brain is busy formulating a new career direction - sounds like a great plan!

  2. That doesn't sound like bloggers' block, that sounds like a PLAN! cool!

  3. hi puglette!
    oh that is great news! you are always so resourceful, positive and inspiring!

  4. I know the feeling of blogger block - but this too, shall pass ;) I'm studying for my American Culture exam. Oh well.. I could have been.. LOL!


  5. I'm so happy you have a plan in place! You know what they say about one door closing!....

  6. Is it hard to knit or crochet with a baby in your lap? I agree with all the others that it sounds like a plan--I am personally getting ready for the big jump into retirement. Getting retirement right is as important as ones job/career decisions. Good Luck!!


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