December 8, 2008

A Beautiful Gift

Hi everyone!

I went in to my office today to check on things and I got the best gift from my friend Linda. Linda works in the escrow office next door to where I worked. She is a fantastic quilter, she always brings her finished items to me and we have "Show and Tell".

This is what I got, a roll up crochet hook case. It's beautiful!

I actually asked Linda to sew this for me. The fabric is from my stash and Linda added the sewing expertise and the pretty ribbon. I can sew and would have been able to make one of these eventually, but my sewing machine needs a tune up and my skills are no where near Linda's.

This is just lovely, the photos don't do it justice. The flowers are edged in shiny gold and it gives the case a nice shimmer.

Here is the case with and without hooks in it. Linda hid the stitching on the pockets so it's all smooth and pretty without the hooks. Isn't she clever?

This pattern is from Planet June. You remember June, she made the pattern for the cute crochet pug. June is also a very talented crafter. She has a tutorial for this crochet case on her website, and it's free! Thanks June! Linda had to make a few adjustments to the pattern. June is a metric gal and I did my best to convert to inches.

Linda is making another of these beautiful cases so I can give one as a gift to another sister-in-law. She crochets with thread and makes full size table cloths and other amazing items.

Thanks Linda, I really owe you for these crochet cases. You are very generous with your sewing skills!

Big hugs to all my friends and family!


  1. Love all of the color it has. Its beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful case. It certainly is handy to have all your hooks together, packaged so beautifully.


  3. I love the fabric colors! What a lovely case! Have a fun day,
    Joan & Skippy

  4. What a thoughtful and lovely gift!

  5. What a nice gift! I like to do crafts but I can't get anything done as neat as this one.

  6. I love the colors of these fabrics. What a lovely gift.

  7. That's really beautiful! I'm glad to see my tutorial being put to good use - and thanks for letting me know about this post!


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