October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!
Here is a scary treat for you....

A small pink bunny! The scary part? Where is his tail!!???

(Insert scary movie music here)
I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. Have a wonderful weekend too!

October 30, 2008


I am such a lucky Puglette! I have been honored with two Awards!

My very first award is from Sandra Y Coco They are so sweet and teach us about unconditional love. Plus Coco has just about the most kissable face of any pug I have seen!

"This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE ! Thanks Crystal! [Click on Memoirs of a Mommy to learn and read this special love story!] The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from."

My second award is from the always charming Devil Dog Roxy. Now I don't think Roxy is very devilish at all. Have you seen that picture on her header? What a sweet puggy! And she shares everything with her sister.

I am very proud to have been honored with these awards. Unfortunately, I am such a blogging newbie that I just don't know how to put the pretty awards on my blog. If I could get some kind suggestions about how to post the awards, I would be quite appreciative.

***Thank you to Eduardo's mom, Brutus, and Roxy's mom for the help with getting the awards posted...gadgets, who knew?!!***

So, thank you my friends, I am so proud to say I am a member of a fabulous group of bloggers. In the immortal words of Sally Fields, "You like me! You really like me!".

October 28, 2008


Hi everyone!
I finished the hedgehog tonight. The quills were kind of tough on my hands. Just a lot of knot tying and I ran out of the gray yarn too. So he has a few sparse patches, but I still think he's pretty darn cute!
Genius Hubby has finished his latest masterpiece. And now for your viewing pleasure...
the movie

October 27, 2008

Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you my current crochet project. This is my hedgehog for a swap I am working on. We are swapping a handmade hedgehog stuffie. I have put this little guy together and now only need to add his quills. Those will be added tomorrow and I will show you the final project.

I love the little nose I found for this hedgie. I found it in a bag of miscellaneous buttons that I have in my sewing box. It is just a perfect little nose! I had no idea I had this little button, but I am so glad I did.

See you tomorrow!

October 26, 2008

Pug-O-Ween Party

Hi Everyone!

Hubby and I took Ollie and Charlie to the Seattle Pug Rescue's Pug-O-Ween this afternoon. We had a lot of fun. There were so many cute pugs in costumes and without. Pugs are so fun in groups! So much snorfling and heavy breathing. :o)We had been talking about Charlie's costume for several months but poor Ollie got the last minute costume. Ollie wore a cute pumpkin t-shirt, we put it on backwards, so the design was on his back Charlie was a spider-pug. She looked so cute. I bought a stuffed spider decoration at a thrift store. Hubby ran plastic headband through holes in the body and we covered it with a stretchy sock I sewed the sock ends together so it made a belly band with a soft grip. We put her in a black harness and fastened it over the spider. Awesome! Charlie loves her costume. She stood nearby while we worked on it and stood still while we tried it on several times. Ollie didn't seem to mind his shirt, but next time I will sew it up out of the way of the quick draw piddler. By the end of the party his shirt was a bit damp. ;o)
Hubby will be making a spider-pug movie for me soon. These are some of the best photos, it's hard to get a clear photo of wiggly pugs. They are all sniffing and spinning around each other. In the film you will be able to see Charlie work the room. She was very funny, running all around the room visiting people. The party was in a gym and the people had formed a circle around the edges of the gym. Charlie would run in the middle just out of reach, people stretching out to pet her. She was very popular, you could hear people call "spider-pug, spider-pug" as she ran around. It was so much fun!!

On one of her rounds, Charlie stopped by to see the head judge in the costume contest. Charlie won one of the contest prizes. It's a cute little bucket with some treats and toys.

We also got to meet a fellow blogger! We met Joan of Peace Love and Pugs at the party. Joan had a table of beautiful collars and accessories. It was a pleasure to meet Joan. We have been exchanging comments and such. I enjoy Joan's blog and her collars and especially the cute shirt collar and ties are a lot of fun to look at. I think Ollie needs a formal collar soon. It's always fun to meet people you know from the internet. I hope we can do more of it someday.
I hope you all had a nice weekend! :o)

October 24, 2008

We Are Not Amused

Bath time...do the dogs enjoy their bath time as much as I enjoy their bath time?
I think not.

Oh puppy bath time. What funny dogs. The pugs had their bath last night and Honey had hers the night before. They don't really enjoy the bath, but none of them really fights. The just get a priceless look of resignation. Like the disappointed rabbits.
We are looking forward to the weekend. The Seattle area Pug O Ween is this Sunday afternoon. We have Charlie's costume set but we need to shop for Ollie's. Goodwill, here we come! After the pug party we are going out to dinner. Hubby won a gift certificate to a nice restaurant on a radio program about a month ago. The restaurant is in Seattle near the party. We are excited! There will be photographic evidence.
I am crocheting a hedgehog for a swap I am working on. It should be pretty cute, I have its ears and legs ready. Do any of you swap? I have just started and have been having some fun. I got too excited at first and spent money I shouldn't have but now it will be only light, handmade items.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you on the interwebs!

Blooger Problems :o(

Hi everyone,
I am trying to figure out where all my edit tools went. I will be back with some new pictures soon!

***I think the problem was me...shocking, I know.

October 20, 2008

Here's a FunGuy

I finished my first mushroom from the patterns I purchased last week. This was really easy and fun. I am not sure what's next, I have a lot to choose from and I have a lot of scrap yarn. If you are interested in some nice amigurumi patterns please check out this shop on Etsy. Rosie's Bears and Bitty Critters has lots of cute patterns and Rosie is very nice and helpful. I received all the patterns plus an extra one within 24 hours.

I chose the light pink cap for the first mushroom because it's easier to see the stitches. ;o)

I received a swap gift in the mail today. This was for a Teddy Bear and Tea swap on Swap-bot. The teddy bear was crocheted. It is a very cute brown, suede feel yarn. I bought some of that suede yarn in a nice froggie green. So I know there will be frogs in the future. Well, everyone have a good night. Talk to you tomorrow!


October 19, 2008

Nice to Meet You, Zachariah!

The Puglette family has a new member today. Hubby's youngest sister had a baby boy! He is beautiful, like his big sister Abby. We are so excited to meet this little boy. We have to wait a bit before we will get the chance. Zach and his family live in Indonesia. His daddy is the principal of an international school there. His mommy is the fourth grade teacher.

I am sure that Zach will learn about his extended family while we all wait. Zach's big sister, Abby, would look at photos on a computer and learned to recognize the family. When we saw her in July, she knew our names and we weren't total strangers. I think that was so cool! Teachers, such clever people! Abby just turned two last month.

Isn't he just the cutest!

I went shopping with Dear Daughter today. We had a lot of fun. We went to downtown Olympia, WA. Olympia is a very nice place. It is our state Capital and is very pretty, with lots of parks, waterfront, old government buildings. The downtown area is full of cute shops in old brick buildings. Olympia is kind of indie hip, not trendy hip like Seattle. We walked around and looked into some fun shops. Lots of cute stuff out there. We were both getting inspiration for future crafty projects.

Daughter is very crafty and artistic. She is very good at composing pictures with what ever materials she has at hand. She liked the art supply stuff, scrap booking materials best. I was looking for something to use as a knitting / crochet bag / purse kind of thing. I saw some awesome bags out there, lovely leather bags with hand appliqued designs. I would love to have several of the ones I saw, but they were quite expensive. I was just excited to get a tank of gas for $42.00! That was my big splurge today. The day with daughter was fabulous, just for being a day to giggle and look at all the cutesy stuff for as long as we wanted. Thanks, Honey!!

October 16, 2008

New Patterns

Hi Everyone! I am ready for the weekend. :o)

I just received a nice email Etsy order. I bought ten crochet patterns for a dollar each. They are really nicely written with beautiful photos. I will add a link as soon as I get the store owner's ok. I have some cute new animals and mushrooms to create. The mushrooms are for Dear Daughter. She has a mushroom collection but for viewing only, she will not eat mushrooms voluntarily. I used to be able to trick her with mushroom soup gravy until she finally found the soup can. She liked it too.

We have puggy face fights going on and the puppies are ready for dinner. Me too...

I have been reading some of the food blogs too, they are a lot of fun and it's interesting to see what everyone is having for dinner. We're having clam chowder tonight. A good fall dinner.

What a face! Our little pimple faced, goober eyed doggie. She's a sweetie!

October 14, 2008

Little Birds

Hi Everyone!

I finished my latest amigurumi project. I found this pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website. They have a bunch of cute patterns that are free. I love free! Anyway, here are the two birds I made.

Yes, birds.

I made the orange one first. I think I will make an elephant next. I bought a big bag of yarn at the Goodwill store and there is a nice gray skein.

Here's a couple of nosy pugs to look at...Ollie is trying to give Daddy the death ray eyes for getting up and making him stand on his own. Ollie is a snuggle pug. Charlie is just looking for the party. Hugs, Puglette :o)

October 13, 2008

Thanks, Columbus

I have today off, thanks to Mr. Columbus. I am just relaxing at home with the puppies as Hubby has to work today. I work in the mortgage industry...it's a pretty dreary place to work these days. I used to ride around with Hubby in his truck on holidays he had to work, but his company decided to ban passengers. :o(

So today could be a chick flick marathon! We watched "Baby Mama" yesterday...well, Ok, I watched it, Hubby was in the room. He was playing World of Warcraft. I play too, but have been on hiatus lately. I am easily bored and don't get much pleasure with just grinding away and getting new gear. I am sure I will play again when we can afford to get the new upgrade. But back to the movie, I really liked it. It was funny and sweet even though it was kind of predictable. I really like both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Here's a couple of cute puppy picture - I think they are required as a pug blogger. ;o) This is Charlie at the breeder's house. Such a funny little puppy!




October 11, 2008

It's the Weekend!

Hi everyone! Happy Weekend!

We don't have any huge or exciting plans for this weekend. Hubby needs to get new license tabs for his car. We are meeting Delightful Daughter and her lovely boyfriend for dinner. That will be fun, we always have a good time with those two. Daughter is actually my step-daughter, but we have been a family since she was five. I totally consider her my daughter and love her very much. She and her father are so much alike it's comical. I have so many memories of the two of them looking alike, having the same mannerisms, it's really precious. They have the same sense of humor too.

Right now I have a sleepy Charlie on my lap and Hubby has a sleepy Ollie on his lap. Honeypuppy is curled up on here favorite blanket. We really enjoy these lazy weekend mornings. I am working on a small amigurumi bird that I hope to finish before dinner. I will take a picture of it when I have finished.

Here are some weekend vacation photos for your viewing. :o)

Here is a picture of me...yikes! I am standing in front of my most favorite restaurant in the world. It has yummy food, but that's not the only reason I love it. When I was a child my parents used to take me to San Francisco for something to do on the weekend. I LOVE San Francisco. It is so beautiful and has so many fond memories attached to it for me. Anyway, when I was young I was the only kid at home. My brothers and sister are much older than me. On special occasions we would have lunch or dinner in San Francisco at the Fisherman's Grotto in Fisherman's Wharf. This was the fanciest restaurant that I ever went to as a child. It has white table clothes and the waiters are very formal. It has dark carpets and lots of wood trim. It also has awesome views of the SF bay. Just stunning on a clear day.

This place is just a few blocks from Fisherman's Grotto. This store is the cornerstone of Ghirardelli Square. This is a wonderful shopping center in an old brick building. You can watch them make chocolate in this store. And you can eat chocolate in this store! Yummy!! Ghirardelli Square is another place with a ton of memories attached to it. I love this place!

These photos are from a fabulous weekend trip Hubby and I took in January 2007. We had lunch at Fisherman's Grotto with my niece, she's a year older than me, and my brother, he's eleven years older than me. After lunch we all walked over to Ghirardelli Square and wandered around. That was a special trip for me, so many old memories remembered and so many new memories made.

What a sentimental old sap I am!

October 9, 2008

Some Quick Photos

Ok, I finished my first crocheted cupcake! It isn't as cute as the ones in the photo below, but I made it! I will add some features tomorrow and complete my very first amigurumi. It was fun and easy, I think I miscounted a bit on the bottom half, but I will make more.

Also, here is a picture of Charlie and Ollie with all of Charlie's ribbons from her agility trial. I think this is a funny picture, Charlie is all smiley and proud of her ribbons, Ollie looks sad...where are my ribbons! Don't worry little boy, you will get some.

Have a good night everyone!



October 8, 2008

Crafty Stuff

Hi everyone! I have been working on crafty stuff the last few days. I have been teaching myself to crochet with a book I checked out of the library. It's a kids crochet book, it's about my level for learning. ;o) I have been doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. I really want to make amigurumi, crocheted figures. Usually they are toys, small stuffed animals and the like. I am working on a crocheted cupcake pin cushion. I finished the bottom earlier this evening and I will make the top, the frosting, tonight. I have been having fun.

I go in cycles with crafts and hobbies. I read a lot, always have a book going. I also like to have something else to do. I like sewing and have tried quilting, like Roxy and Lucky's mom and aunt. I really enjoy the sewing, but the cutting and measuring are tougher. I made a full size rag quilt a few years ago out of thrift store jeans and flannel shirts. It turned our really nice, it's very heavy. My mother-in-law has that one.

I have also taught myself to knit. I really like that and will probably pick that up again. Knitting is a great cold weather hobby, you can make an afghan and keep yourself warm at the same time! I like crocheting a bit better because it's only one needle and it seems easier to make small things.
I have plans to make stuffed figures soon. I really like sewing and free form stuffies sounds like it should be easier on my poor brain than quilting. I am just not good at the math involved with quilting. I have a friend that quilts and I admire her work. I am happier with relatively instant gratification. :o)

So, what do you make? What kind of hobbies do you have?
(all the cute photos are someone elses lovely work, I'm not finished yet!)

October 6, 2008

Here's Honey!

Or as we call her, HoneyPuppy. Honey is the oldest dog we have, she's going to turn ten this next January. Honey is a corgi / pomeranian mix. She was the cutest puppy ever. She was really tiny and was less than two pounds when we brought her home. She was so small, Hubby would put her inside his jacket pocket and we would take her everywhere until she started to get too big. She has the corgi chest and as a puppy she was top heavy. If she started to run too fast she would tip up, her little hind legs up in the air.

Honey was about six months old in this picture. We were at Cannon Beach, Oregon and Dear Daughter had dug a hole in the sand, we popped the puppy in and covered her up. I snapped the picture and Honey popped out of the sand. I won a photo contest with that picture. :o)

Honey was our first small dog. We had two big, outdoor dogs when we first brought Honey home. We had Juneau, an Alaskan Malamute and Pepper, an Australian Shepard mix. Both were big and furry and loved to stay outside. When we brought this tiny puppy home, I was afraid to let them see her. She could have been a tasty snack for either one. But I didn't need to worry. We opened the back door and Honey barked at the big dogs and told them she was in charge. It was so cute to see her boss around these two 80 pound dogs.

There's a picture of Pepper on the beach in Coos Bay, Oregon and Honey and Pepper in the car on the same vacation. I don't have any pictures of Juneau on the computer, he passed away before we had a digital camera. The beach trip was Pepper's last vacation. She passed away about a year after this trip.

Honey is now the cranky old lady in the house. She growls at the pugs and will growl at us too. She growls at night when you bump her in bed or if you make her move too many times. But she is still the cutest doggie and very sweet. She just loves to go for car rides and can tell when we get close to the dog park. She has to softest fur and was named Honey because of the honey color she was when she was a puppy. I love her very much.

October 4, 2008

Meet Ollie!

I should tell you about our Ollie. He is a sweet puggy boy that has been with us since May. Ollie was a stray on the streets of Seattle for about two weeks before being turned in to the Seattle Animal Shelter. We had been talking about adopting another pug for awhile.

I was at work one day looking on Petfinder and I came across the cutest pug face staring at me. This pug was at a regular shelter, not a rescue group so I knew I had to act fast. I called and left a message saying we were really interested in the pug, his name was Tyson at the shelter. I also downloaded their adoption application and emailed it the same day.

I got a call from the shelter and had a nice chat with a shelter worker. We talked about pugs and their special needs and characters. All pug owners just love the snuffles and snorts, but some people don't appreciate the pugitude. :o) The shelter lady told me that she had several people interested in this boy and that someone was coming in to look at him that day. I thought our chance was gone but then she said she was glad I knew so much about pugs and that it sounded like we would be great parents for this puggy boy. I couldn't believe it! She asked how soon we could come to see him and to bring our other dogs.

I called hubby and we arranged for hubby to go by the shelter the next day. Seattle is about 40 miles from where I work and it would be kind of tough to talk my boss into getting the time off. Hubby drives a truck and is in and out of Seattle all day. He went to the shelter to meet the puggy and when he was done visiting he called me and told me the visit went well, the dog was very nice and really cute. He said I would have to wait until he came home from work to meet him. I was confused...were they going to stay open late so I could get to Seattle? Nope...the shelter lady I spoke to liked hubby and me and she let hubby take this sweet puggy with him!!! I was so excited!

So hubby drove around all afternoon with this pug as his passenger. By the time they got home from work Ollie had bonded with hubby. They are now fast friends. Ollie just adores hubby and wants nothing more than to sit on his lap and snuggle all night. Ollie sleeps right next to hubby too. Ollie loves me too but once dad gets home...well, I'm just second fiddle.
It took us about a week to name him Ollie. We just couldn't figure out a good name. I started to talk to him and call him all kinds of doggie names until one day I called out "Ollie" and he turned and looked at me. That was it, he is now Ollie or Ollie wog (like polliwog).

One thing that was kind of funny, we went to the Seattle Pug Rescue's PugMania just two days before I found Ollie on Petfinder. When I was talking to the shelter lady we started to talk about PugMania. When I told her that we had gone to this pug event, she asked me why we didn't talk to her about Ollie there. Apparently, she had him at PugMania and he was walking around with a white balloon floating over his back with "Adopt Me" printed on a sign. Hubby remembers seeing him, but I was just looking at all the pugs. PugMania is an annual event in Seattle that draws in lots of pug parents. It's a lot of fun to see all the pugs, some in costume. The Seattle Pug Rescue group also puts on Pug O Ween later this month. We will be there! Charlie has a spider for a costume and we're planning on Ollie's and Honey's costumes.
Thanks again for visiting! Hope you are all having a great weekend. Roxy, help your mom get her sewing room done so she can have fun planning all the lap robes. ;o)