October 8, 2008

Crafty Stuff

Hi everyone! I have been working on crafty stuff the last few days. I have been teaching myself to crochet with a book I checked out of the library. It's a kids crochet book, it's about my level for learning. ;o) I have been doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. I really want to make amigurumi, crocheted figures. Usually they are toys, small stuffed animals and the like. I am working on a crocheted cupcake pin cushion. I finished the bottom earlier this evening and I will make the top, the frosting, tonight. I have been having fun.

I go in cycles with crafts and hobbies. I read a lot, always have a book going. I also like to have something else to do. I like sewing and have tried quilting, like Roxy and Lucky's mom and aunt. I really enjoy the sewing, but the cutting and measuring are tougher. I made a full size rag quilt a few years ago out of thrift store jeans and flannel shirts. It turned our really nice, it's very heavy. My mother-in-law has that one.

I have also taught myself to knit. I really like that and will probably pick that up again. Knitting is a great cold weather hobby, you can make an afghan and keep yourself warm at the same time! I like crocheting a bit better because it's only one needle and it seems easier to make small things.
I have plans to make stuffed figures soon. I really like sewing and free form stuffies sounds like it should be easier on my poor brain than quilting. I am just not good at the math involved with quilting. I have a friend that quilts and I admire her work. I am happier with relatively instant gratification. :o)

So, what do you make? What kind of hobbies do you have?
(all the cute photos are someone elses lovely work, I'm not finished yet!)


  1. You do lots of things! I have done crotchet and knitting when I was in highschool. Knitting is too hard for me. I like cross-stitching but I am also very impatient. I like things that can get done quickly. I did some drawing and building modeling 5 years ago for architecture class. I liked it a lot. When I got Coco I was at first very busy playing with him, then it was taking care of him when he was sick and I was so worried that I quit my hobbies for very long. Now I am into scrapbooking again. I will take some pictures and post it on my blog.

  2. Oh I forgot to answer your question... once we finished visiting Machu Picchu we got back to Cuzco taking the bus, then the train and then a car (you can tell it is far). this is how most people go to visit Machu Picchu.

  3. Neat crafts!

    Lets see...what sort of hobbies do I have? Over the years I've pretty much done it all...but I mostly do scrapbooking, reading, video games, tole painting and cooking. Those are my main hobbies.

  4. hi puglette!
    oh i love this post! i think my favorite relaxing craft is to crochet. i love making amiguri too! i cannot wait to see your finished creations!

  5. I love those cupcakes and that little pug!
    I cannot knit so save myself! LOL

  6. Mom loves the cupcakes. She thinks they are so cute. As for quilts, mom is what is called a "liberated" quilt. It's all free form. She doesn't measure anything. She cuts squares whatever size she wants. She likes it that way.


  7. PS Mom knits, and has made tons of baby blankets and sweaters. She hasn't knit in a while though. She doesn't know how to crochet. She can install doors, windows, floors, siding, rewire rooms and she makes great cookies. But she's not a very good cook.



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