August 31, 2009


Hi everyone!

Nothing new or exciting over here. Charlie is recovering from her sickies and sounds much clearer every day. Ollie is snoozing and Honey puppy is still a cranky old lady.

I wanted to share one of my favorite past times. I love comics, and I read a bunch of web comics every morning. I also read some that are in newspapers online as well. I love them for their humor and the drawings. I really admire people that can draw well, my best are only stick figures.

This comic really hit home today. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and this made me laugh.

Please click on the comic if you can't read it clearly. This is Misery Loves Sherman and it's about a dysfunctional family that includes the Grim Reaper and two aliens.

Here is another comic I really enjoy, Sheldon. Sheldon is really cute, and he has a pug named Oso. The writer Dave Kellett, has a pug of his own so he has first hand experience with pug shedding and pug oddities. I recently bought this print on a t-shirt. Please click on the link or the picture to read it more clearly. It's very cute.

So that's what I do in the morning with my cup of coffee. It helps wake me up and starts the day with a smile or two. Let me know if you read any good comics online!




August 27, 2009


Hi everyone,
Here I am!! I am sorry I have been so silent for the past two weeks. I was laid off again and have been in a funk. I just haven't really felt like talking to anyone. Being laid off three times in about six months is rather demoralizing and depressing. I have just been having my own little pity party.

Charlie has been doing fabulous work at the agility trials. She has advanced in AKC and we received a lovely certificate from the American Kennel Club for our little athelete.

Charlie has been a bit under the weather. She has a sinus infection and after a costly vet visit is now on antibiotics. She may have snuffled up a fox tail into her nose. We are hoping it will clear up with the antibiotics and rot away. (icky!!) We just can't afford the surgical procedure to have the vet look further. As Charlie is still in good spirits, I am afraid we will just have to watch her and pray that this all works out.

I have been visiting all of your blogs and leaving some comments. Visiting my blogging friends offers a cheerful respite from the job hunt. I loved seeing Clover and Chewy swimming. I am keeping an eye on little Pearl recovering from her surgery.

Take good care my friends, I will talk with you soon.

Big Hugs to You All!

August 11, 2009

Charlie's Glamour Shot

Hi everyone,

I got the OK to share Charlie's Glamour Shot with you! This photo was taken by Nina Sage of Nina S. Photography and we just love it!

take care!

August 8, 2009

Professional Photography

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. We had some really hot days about a week ago but now we are back to cool and cloudy. I always feel that summer ends here with an obvious sign. This is the week we will probably start to wind up the warm days.

We have been busy with Charlie and her agility trials for the past few weekends. She is off with Grandma this weekend in Sequim, WA for a three day trial. Since hubby and I both work we let Charlie go on her own. We miss her terribly and will go to the trial tomorrow for the final runs and to pick up our little girl. Ollie seems lost without her and the house is so quiet. Without puggy wrestling matches and races, it's just lonely.

We do have some lovely new photos to look at and that helps! There is usually a professional photographer at the agility trials. Most of them have websites where we can preview the shots of our doggie. Lately the photographers have taken some really nice shots of Charlie and we have made some purchases.

These photos were taken on a very warm day and the sun was shining brightly. The photographer is Ken Kennedy. He has a lovely website with some great animal photos. We really love how vibrant these photos are. The expressions on Charlie's face are wonderful, she really looks like she is having a great time running around the field.

Please visit Ken's website Ken Kennedy Photography to see more beautiful dog photos.

The other photo we recently purchased has not arrived at home yet. I will give you a link to our cute "glamour" shot of Charlie. Nina S. Photography The action shots are not as good as Ken's because we were in a dark barn and flash photography is not allowed.

We went out to Michael's today and bought picture frames for our lovely photos and the pastel drawings I showed you in a previous post. Hubby has already framed the two pastels and they look fabulous! We selected a shadow box style frame. It's rectangular shape allowed us to put the drawings side by side. It is just perfect!

I hope you enjoyed these great photos. I really love them and they will be a great memory for us all when Charlie gets a little too old for agility.

hugs to you all!

August 2, 2009

It's Charlie's Birthday!

Hi everyone!

Today is Charlie's Birthday! Charlie is TWO years old today. I can hardly believe it.


We love Charlie so much, she is a great little puggy girl. We can't imagine our life without her. She is so much fun and such a little weirdo. She brings joy and smiles to everyone she meets.

Please enjoy some puppy pictures and the first video we took of our new puppy. The video and first two photos were all taken at the breeder's home.

The last photo is from the first day we brought Charlie home. She is with her Auntie Carmie and we were at a Halloween party. She was such a good puppy, not frightened at all and was fine being passed around and loved on all evening by total strangers.
Birthday Hugs with Frosting!