August 31, 2009


Hi everyone!

Nothing new or exciting over here. Charlie is recovering from her sickies and sounds much clearer every day. Ollie is snoozing and Honey puppy is still a cranky old lady.

I wanted to share one of my favorite past times. I love comics, and I read a bunch of web comics every morning. I also read some that are in newspapers online as well. I love them for their humor and the drawings. I really admire people that can draw well, my best are only stick figures.

This comic really hit home today. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and this made me laugh.

Please click on the comic if you can't read it clearly. This is Misery Loves Sherman and it's about a dysfunctional family that includes the Grim Reaper and two aliens.

Here is another comic I really enjoy, Sheldon. Sheldon is really cute, and he has a pug named Oso. The writer Dave Kellett, has a pug of his own so he has first hand experience with pug shedding and pug oddities. I recently bought this print on a t-shirt. Please click on the link or the picture to read it more clearly. It's very cute.

So that's what I do in the morning with my cup of coffee. It helps wake me up and starts the day with a smile or two. Let me know if you read any good comics online!





  1. OMGosh - that Anatomy of a Pug is the funniest thing I've see in a loooooooooooong time.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love Sheldon, too! And I read a few webcomics, too. (Penny Arcade & Ding!), but that's because I'm a video gamer and those comics are about video games....but they're very good (especially Penny Arcade).

  3. That pug graphic is too cute! I am in awe of anyone who can do a regular comic. We can just barely come up with enough ideas to do one a week.

  4. hi puglette!
    oh your post made us smile! comics are the best! thank you for sharing your favorites!

  5. I know what you mean....I asked about (Ding!) to Scott Kurtz (the writer of PvP) on his twitter account once and he was rather curt with me and it turned me off, too. Also, he is always ragging on other comics for not being "innovative" enough. However, I do have a bit of news for you since you were a fan of "Ding!".......


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