July 22, 2010

Dog Park Story

Hi everyone,

We sure have been having fun at our local off leash park. Fort Steilacoom Dog Park is a wonderful place and is well taken care of by the park maintenance workers. The park is 22 acres, all fenced in for the dogs and their people to roam. The entire park is 340 acres and is just beautiful. If you are in the Puget Sound you should definitely stop by.

Lately I have been showing you all of the fun of our park adventures. Today I want to share a little story of an adventure gone wrong.

Last year around this same time Hubby and I thought a trip to the dog park would be fun. We packed up the puppies and headed out. We decided that a picnic would be fun and stopped at Subway for sandwiches and sodas. We were on our way!

We arrived at the park and got all the leashes on the dogs, always an exciting time. They all get so excited to be at the park and see their leashes that they just hop back and forth from the back seat to the front until we get them all sorted out. We finally got out of the car and walked to the gate, dog leashes and picnic in hand.

There is a nice spot in the back area of the park with a bench that we set our sights on. It looked like a great spot for a picnic. Out in the open with plenty of room for the dogs to wander. We started to walk towards this bench having a good time looking around at all of the cute doggies, saying hello as we went. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a Labrador sized dog heading to us at a pretty fast run. They next thing I knew was that dog was slamming into my legs, right at knee level. His shoulder hit the side and back of my knee so hard that I just toppled over.

I went over like a tree. Whump!! Face forward, arms akimbo. Dogs were surrounding me along with their people. I fell so hard I literally lost my breath. I have fallen a lot over the years, but this was the hardest landing ever.

I got myself up, dusted myself off and took stock of the situation. I was pretty shook up but I still had my lunch. I took a look around at all of the dogs clamouring for my sandwich and decided that maybe a picnic in a dog park wasn't such a great idea after all. I looked at Hubby and said "I'm going to eat in the car". I walked back to our car, turned it on so I could have some air conditioning and music and had my picnic in the car.

When we got home I looked for any damage to myself from the fall. I hit the ground so hard with my chest that I had bruised my boobies!! The top of my breasts and my chest were a lovely shade of purple that lasted over a week.

Lately I have noticed some new signs in the dog park. They are really big with a long list of Do's and Don't's. And one of the Don't's, right in the middle of the huge sign "Do Not Bring Food into the Dog Park". I think they should put my picture on the sign as a grim reminder of what can happen if you don't follow this rule. Take it from me, it's not worth it, have your picnic outside the off leash area!!

take care everyone!

July 18, 2010

Impromptu Pug Party!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, we have been busy with family in from other countries and other states. I hope you are all enjoying your summer days.

Visiting with family is great! Since hubby has been off work for his hernia surgery recovery we have been able to spend more time with everyone. We had a lovely picnic at a pretty park with this little cutie, Ashley. This was one the first days that we got to meet Ashley as she live abroad with her family. We brought the dogs along and they were very popular. Here's Ashley's big brother, Zach, watching the dogs. They both have a big sister named Abby, but we unfortunately we missed her in our photos!

We also spent some great afternoons at the dog park. It is so much fun to see all of the other dogs and meeting such nice people. And if we are lucky, we get to have an impromptu pug meet up!
This happened yesterday. We spotted one pug and visited for a few minutes and when we looked up there were six pugs coming up to us! Another two joined in a bit later. We sere surrounded by a sea of pugs and pug bottoms! There were a total of twelve pugs milling around. We also had a few Westies, Chihuahuas and mixed breed pups too.

There was a little bit of pug humpy and lots of panting. Penny was quite popular, even having her photo taken with some of the other pug parents. But poor Penny was yesterday's news as soon as this little boy showed up. This is Cruiser, he's three months old and his family includes two sweet little girls.

This cute little Chihuahua walking in front of Penny was there with her sister. They are about 7 or 8 years old and had been found wandering alone in the woods on a local island. When the woman that found them opened her car door they just hopped right in. Her vet said they were two breeding ladies who just got abandoned when they were too old. That story makes me angry and sad. :o( But they are now getting all of the pampering they deserve.

We love our dog park. We have so much fun every time we go. Dog watching and people watching are great things to do on a nice sunny afternoon!
take care!

July 13, 2010

In Loving Remembrance of Skippy-Wu

Hi everyone,
I was saddened to hear the news that Miss Skippy-Wu from Peace Love and Pugs has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Skippy-Wu was the beloved pug of Joan, her daughter McKenna and their family. Joan has written a lovely tribute to Skippy-Wu on her blog, Peace Love and Pugs. Please stop by to read this well written tribute and to feel the love for this adorable puggy lady.

Joan is one of my first blog friends online. When I first started blogging, Joan would stop by with kind words. Joan is the first fellow pug blogger that I have met in person. We first traded some hand made items and then were able to meet in person at the first pug event we attended. Joan asked for a crocheted mushroom and in return I received two lovely hand made collars for Ollie and Charlie. Please stop by Linden Line Designs to see her beautiful collection.

Joan, thank you for welcoming me into the blogging world. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Skippy-Wu.
hugs to you all,

July 5, 2010

Dog Day Afternoons

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend. We just spent a quiet weekend at home. Hubby had hernia surgery on Friday and is recovering nicely. All of the noise and excitement was outside! I think every house around us was setting off fireworks. I didn't even have to go outside to see them, I just had to look out my kitchen window. The dogs were a bit rattled by all of the noise, especially the extra loud booms. I went outside to take a look at the pretty colors and thought I had lost Dodger! He fell off the porch steps and started to run away from me. In the dark I couldn't see where he went. Luckily he ran back through the doggie door onto daddy's lap.

I have a bunch of pictures to share with you from adventures with Dad and back yard fun and games. I hope you enjoy them, hubby has been taking some great shots lately!

Best friends!

Penny says "I'm cuter! I'm fluffy!" (Dodgie, you are still momma's baby boy!)

Playdog pose.

Farmer Ollie surveying the back 40.

Still cute and fluffy!

Quit bugging me Dad!

I have a very pretty tail, don't you agree???

I love you dad, let's go for a ride!!

Have a great week everybody!

bite bite bite!