July 13, 2010

In Loving Remembrance of Skippy-Wu

Hi everyone,
I was saddened to hear the news that Miss Skippy-Wu from Peace Love and Pugs has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Skippy-Wu was the beloved pug of Joan, her daughter McKenna and their family. Joan has written a lovely tribute to Skippy-Wu on her blog, Peace Love and Pugs. Please stop by to read this well written tribute and to feel the love for this adorable puggy lady.

Joan is one of my first blog friends online. When I first started blogging, Joan would stop by with kind words. Joan is the first fellow pug blogger that I have met in person. We first traded some hand made items and then were able to meet in person at the first pug event we attended. Joan asked for a crocheted mushroom and in return I received two lovely hand made collars for Ollie and Charlie. Please stop by Linden Line Designs to see her beautiful collection.

Joan, thank you for welcoming me into the blogging world. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Skippy-Wu.
hugs to you all,


  1. Thank you Puglette for letting us know of your friends loss. We just visited, what a beautiful tribute to a loving member of the family.

  2. I am so sad too when hearts are hurting.
    I am sad that Skippy- Wu, had to die.
    I know the mama Joan has a broken heart right now.
    I wish there was some way to make it betters.
    I will go visit and leave some love and then I will light a candle for Skippy Wu

  3. I am very sorry for the loss of your sweet friend, Skippy-Wu.

  4. hi judy!
    oh we are sending you big hugs too. we know how much you loved miss skippy wu.
    you are such as dear friend to all of us!
    m & e


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