April 30, 2009

Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and happy. Spring is slowly making an appearance in the Pacific Northwest. The azaleas are in full bloom and the rhododendrons are popping open too.

I wanted to share some of the fun signs we saw on our little vacation a few weeks ago. The Port Angeles area has some of my favorite road names. There is Chicken Coop Road, Happy Valley Road and one that always makes us laugh, Kitchen-Dick Road. There is even a John Wayne Marina, pilgrim.

Here are a few of the signs we saw.

There is a little town named Joyce. This sign greets you and politely asks you to come back.

These three little signs belong to a home with a lovely garden. They look just like street signs!

The weekend is almost here and I am ready! I hope all the piggies keep their germs to themselves. Oh...and here's a cute picture of Charlie.

She's a cute little piglette!

Talk to you soon!

April 24, 2009

Here I am!

Hi everyone!
Here we are at the weekend again! Where does the time go, I really do think it just flies by.
I have posted some more photos from our trip last weekend. The first ones are from our hotel on Sunday morning. Hubby took some great pictures from our balcony. We were on the ground floor and had a tremendous view. Port Angeles, WA is a truly beautiful little town. Nestled in the bay at the foot of the Olympic mountains it is sweet and charming. If you ever get a chance to come here I recommend a trip to Port Angeles.

And look! Hubby got some shots of the kayak's at the hotel! The path leads right to town and some nice restaurants and shops. I love that every thing is so close, you can walk to anything you want.

And of course we took some puppy pics. :o)

About 35 miles or so towards home we stopped in the little town of Port Gamble. This is a cute little town but sometimes I think it's kind of spooky. It's very pretty and has some very picturesque souvenir stores. It's just that the homes surrounding the shops don't appear lived in. Everything is so neat and tidy, like it's a movie set. I keep expecting to see Stepford wives or the ladies from Wisteria Lane to come out with muffins.

The only people you see are other tourists. Spooky!!! ;o)

I still have more pictures to share!




April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a spectacular weekend! We went on our little trip to Port Angeles, WA. We had a great time and took lots of photos to share with you. It was a short trip, just one night, but we had a lot of fun and the weather was great.

We left our house on Saturday morning with the three puppy dogs. Hubby made a nice little area for the dogs in the back of the mini van. He used the x-pen to fence them off from the front. That was a great idea! Normally the dogs would just keep coming up front and trying to sit on our laps or even try to sit under the gas and brake pedals. With the little fence, they stayed in their area and had a kennel and blankets to snuggle in. Ollie was in the seat with his seat belt on. We did discover that he can wriggle out of the harness if he really wants to but mostly he was a good boy.
Honey likes to sit on the seat and snooze. She annoyed Ollie but they eventually settled down and snuggled. Charlie was not happy about the fence and was very vocal about her situation. She is a very good whiner. She makes all kinds of frustrated little dog noises and barks to get our attention. I have a little video of her that I will post soon. It is a very funny video, I think you will enjoy it. ;o)

We checked into our hotel and had a really nice room. We like this hotel as it's on the water with a nice walking path that goes along the water. It's really close to downtown and we can walk to any of the shops or restaurants.

There was a Kayak Symposium going on at the hotel while we were there. We saw lots of people out in there kayaks paddling around in the water right outside our room. Of course we did not have our camera with us when all the kayakers were out. By the time we got back to our room they had finished for the day.

Because the weather was so nice we decided to check into the hotel and then go for a picnic at our favorite lake, Crescent Lake. This is a really stunning lake, clear and cold. The shades of blue are simply breathtaking. This is a land locked lake and the water is really clear. We have fished in this lake many times and you can see the fish swim up and investigate your hook. Many, many years ago their was a river that fed the lake and salmon used to spawn in the river and lake. As time went by the river closed up and the salmon in the lake mated with the lake trout and there is a lake salmon specific to Crescent Lake, the Beardslee Trout. And let me tell you, they are delicious!! And huge!
This is the lower dam on the Elwah River. It no longer connects to Crescent Lake.

We didn't go fishing on this trip but we had a nice picnic lunch on a beach. We watched some scuba divers finishing up their swim. The pups ran all over sniffing about. There was a kind of scary sign on the picnic table warning about bears. I have never seen a bear while out camping or picnicking and I really hope I never do!

Sorry, there are no pictures of the lake, hubby took these shots of the dogs. I was busy making lunch and making sure there were no bears sneaking up behind me!
After our picnic lunch we went back to the hotel and parked the car. We took a nice walk with the dogs and watched the people and the ships in the port. Since we had a late lunch we skipped a full dinner and had a crab cocktail with an alcoholic cocktail! Yummy!! We ordered Bloody Mary's but they were so spicy I couldn't drink it. I switched to a margarita, my old standby. After the yummy cocktails we headed to our room and relaxed. The walking and the drinks made us a little sleepy so we called it a day.

Tomorrow...a stop in Port Gamble and the trip home!

Have a great evening!

April 16, 2009

I Like Thursdays

Hi everyone!

I like Thursdays. It is one of my favorite days of the week. Here's why I like Thursday.

Thursday is the day before Friday and Friday is the day before the weekend. I like the weekend.

On Thursday, you're closer to the end of the week than you are to the beginning.

I enjoy the "Must See" TV on Thursday night. It can make me pretty happy.

On Thursday I feel as if I can stay up later and not suffer the consequences. As if to say "eh, it's just Friday".

And Friday starts the weekend! And I really like the weekend. :o)

So Happy Thursday to you all. Go on, start relaxing tonight.


April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Hi everyone!

Well, here we are...April 15th, Income Tax deadline. Bleurgh.

I usually don't wait so long to file our taxes but this year I procrastinated until almost the bitter end. I had everything set aside but just couldn't get motivated to actually do them. And of course when I finally decided to sit down and do them, I couldn't locate my W-2! Fortunately I called the office and my boss was in and read the information off his payroll report.

It's still pretty cold here, we even had snow yesterday! I am hoping for a nicer weekend as hubby and I are going to take a weekend trip to Port Angeles. It's a very pretty town on the upper edge of Puget Sound. You can catch a ferry to Canada in Port Angeles. We are just spending one night there so we will stay in the old USA.

I got ahead of myself and bought my summer sandals last weekend. I ordered them online from Zappos.com. If you have not tried Zappos.com yet, you really should! I love them! They carry just about every brand of shoes available and their customer service is unbeatable. I ordered the sandals on Saturday night and they arrived at my office on Monday morning. They have free shipping and an awesome return policy. I love shoes and could spend hours looking at the website. Just call me Imelda! ;o)

It's getting late and it is way past my bedtime so I am off to snuggle in and listen to all the snorers lull me to dream land. Hugs to you all!

April 10, 2009

Photo Hunt: Triangle

Hi everyone!
Well here I am! Thank you for all of the kind messages, I really appreciate you all. I have been around, looking at all of your blogs.

There has been quite a few sad posts lately. Roxy The Devil Dog has lost a dear family friend. Patience has lost two of her beloved dogs and her best friend. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone saddened by loss.

I try not to bring too much of my personal troubles to my blog. I want to share positive thoughts with you, not depress you with my grumbles about my job. So here's to more happy posts and a renewal of positive energies. The promise of spring is finally here, with warm weather and sunny smiles. I plan on starting my tomato tree seeds this weekend, I will enjoy watching something new growing and flourishing.

Ok then...let's move onto some fun stuff.

I recently participated in a swap run by Girlville. This was a relaxation swap. My swap partner was Ar-Bee. And wow! did she spoil me! Her package was jam packed with lovely treats all wrapped in tissue paper. She had made her own confetti in little hearts and sprinkled them through out the box. There was a really sweet card with tips about her favorite ways to relax. Then she packed the box with all the items necessary to go about relaxing!

I forgot to take pictures of the box while I was rooting through all of the tissue paper...I was having too much fun looking for all of the treasures! I did think to take photos of my loot...look at all of this stuff! Thank you so much, Ar-Bee for all the cool stuff. I can't wait to try your homemade bath salts and foot soak! Rose scented for the bath and peppermint for my stinky feet. ;o) And thanks to Girlville for having the swap! I had a ton of fun! I will tell you about my package to Ar-Bee when I know she has the package. And, I am sure you can guess that I forgot to take pictures before I packed it all up.

I have decided participate in Photo Hunter. I always enjoy the posts when I come across them and thought it would be fun to play too. This is my first PhotoHunt post. The theme for this Saturday is Triangle. You are supposed to post a photo that represents the theme. This photo of a lovely clock tower at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco has many triangles in it. I just love the way the sun was lighting up the tower.

The doggies are fine, fat and sassy. We are all looking forward to the Seattle Pug Rescue's Pug Gala on May 9th. We have attended this pug party the past two years and have had a blast. This year will be extra fun as we get to meet Melissa from Life is Art - Art is Life. We will get to see all of the fabulous art work Melissa has created in person. How fun will that be?!? Joan from Peace Love and Pugs will be there too! She makes wonderful pet and people items. Her puppy collars are so sweet! Ollie loves his formal collar, it has a tie!

Speaking of Ollie, we learn a little more about this sweet rescue pug everyday. Last weekend we went to another agility trial for Charlie. She did well and brought home a fist full of ribbons again. We had lovely weather for the weekend and had only a half day on Sunday so we brought Honey and Ollie to the trial with us. The were horrible little yappy dogs! We tried to pretend they weren't our dogs, but it's hard to look believable when you are holding the barky beast's leash.

Anyway...we bought a new harness for Ollie while we were waiting for Charlie to run. It's very nice and is lined with soft polar fleece. This harness has something we hadn't considered previously...it has a big loop attached to put a seat belt through. Ollie has been kind of a pest in the car lately. He paces and pants and seems almost nervous or maybe carsick. He was so needy that we decided to try the seat belt loop. We were amazed with the transformation! Apparently Ollie wants to be restrained in the car! He calmed down and snoozed or just hung out the rest of the drive home. This is just awesome! We will find something for the girls too, but they will not be as happy as Ollie.

It's getting to be my bedtime. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!

April 6, 2009

Remember Me?

Hi everyone!

Wow! Where does the time go! Sorry I haven't been around the old bloggin' post lately. I have been stressed a bit about work and have been laying low. I promise I will be back in a day or so with a real post.
hugs to you all!