November 24, 2009


Hi everyone!

Can you believe it? November is almost over and Thanksgiving is this week! Where has the time gone?

We are getting ready for a yummy family feast at my Mother in Law's home. We are having a potluck dinner and I am bringing the stuffing. I hope it turns out OK as I usually just make Stovetop for Hubby and I.

This year we are combining Christmas with our Thanksgiving. Mom in law is going to Jakarta, Indonesia for the month of December. Hubby's youngest sister is expecting her third child any day now and the grandma's will be there to welcome this little one into the family.

We are also changing the gift giving. As finances are tight for everyone we all decided to give $50.00 per family to a charity. Each family will put the name of their charity of choice into a hat and we will have a drawing to decide which charity gets all the money. We will have a bit of gift giving...we will play the white elephant game! I think this is a great change for our gift giving. Being charitable is always good for the soul. And having only one gift to open and the fun game of swapping and sharing will make this a family activity. Usually we are all off in our separate area ripping open gifts and not really sharing in the moment and the gift of giving. Family is the gift to be shared.

Here are some cute photos of mom in law's dogs performing their Christmas routine. Annie is dressed in a Santa suit and Archie is in a reindeer coat. Annie pushes Archie in the little sleigh. It's very cute. These photos were taken at the last agility trials we were at. They also have a summer version of this routine with Annie in a dress and Archie has a sailor hat. The sleigh is actually a doll buggy.


Have you seen the new item Punchy is making over at Pug Possessed? She is making puggy pajamas! I am definitely ordering a pair for Charlie and Ollie. I would get some for Honey but she is not a clothes wearing puppy dog. She will wear blanket style coats, but nothing with real sleeves. She bites!! So pugs will be measured and pj's will be ordered.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and give thanks for all of them. I have counted all of you and I am really thankful for the blessings we share.


November 9, 2009

Just a Little Fun

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all well and happy. Nothing new or exciting at our house. We are heading into the wet season here in Western Washington. :o(

I have talked about my love of comics before on the old bloggy. Many of you also know about Sheldon, the boy genius and his pug Oso. The artist that creates this fun comic, Dave Kellett is very approachable. He actually replies to emails quickly and he appreciates photos that silly fans send him.

Just before Halloween the Sheldon comics focused on costume rejects. The pugs rejects are shown and linked here:

Well, having two cute spider pugs of my own, I took a slight offense to the rejected spider costume. So I emailed Dave and sent him a photo of the cutest spider pugs ever!

This morning when I was reading my comics who do I own two cute puggies on the comic blog! Check this out!!

There we have it, our two seconds of minor fame. ;o)

hugs to you all!