September 11, 2010

Pug Stuff

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a great weekend. We are keeping things quiet this weekend. Charlie has a cough and cold! She started coughing Thursday morning. We didn't think too much about it, just something to keep an eye on. She started getting worse throughout the day and by the time she and hubby came home from work she sounded horrible! She coughed through the night, waking us up about every half hour. Hubby brought her to our vet first thing in the morning. The vet said is was a minor cough, similar to kennel cough. She is on antibiotics and a cough suppressant. She is not coughing at all and is breathing easily. What a scare, the noise she was making was so frightening!

I wanted to show you the recent pug stuff we acquired. We bought t-shirts from Go Pug Go on And boy are these cute designs!! Hubby and I both got a shirt in each of the two designs. We have the Rescue Pug on black and the single pug on white. The artist is Amie Chan and you can see more of her work at her website Art of Amie.

We wore them out to breakfast this morning, hubby in black and me in white. We received so many compliments at the restaurant. Everyone just loved these shirts. We love them too!

The best part is that the seller, Go Pug Go, has offered to donate to pug rescue for each item purchased. I placed the order on Tuesday night and we received the shirts by Thursday. Pretty nice!

Have fun this weekend. Hug someone!

September 7, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We just relaxed at home for most of the three day weekend.

Hubby and I did take all of the pup dogs to the off leash park on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time as usual. The spontaneous pug meet up happened again. There are some other regular park visitors with multiple pugs and we seem to meet them on most of our visits. We love our off leash park, everyone is so friendly!

Hi, I'm Penny! Remember me? I'm the cute one!

Getting five rambunctious dogs leashed up and out of the car is quite an undertaking. They are all excited and barking and wiggling! We keep trying different ideas about how to get this done with the least amount of frustration.

This time we decided to leash up at the back end of the SUV by opening the hatch window only. This was my idea, I thought we could contain them better with no one sneaking out. It all sounds good in theory, but five wiggling dogs, backing up and shoving others aside makes it tough. We also bring our own water and water bowl as the park water has a strong smell and our dogs won't drink it.

We got all the dogs leashed and out and then we were passing leashes back and forth as well as reaching in for the water jug. I ended up giving all the dogs to hubby and telling him to go ahead to the gate without me. I would get the dish and water. Hubby handed me the keys and headed off with all of the dogs.

I reached in and pulled out the water jug and reached in again for the bowl. I remembered that I had put some dead batteries from our camera in the bowl when I picked up the rescue pug. I decided this would be a great time to throw these away so the dogs wouldn't chew the loose batteries on the way home. I also picked up the empty wrapper from the new batteries I had put in the camera. I had my hands full and disorganized. I was also kind of huffy about the dogs and hubby. The wild dogs routine does not make me happy. :o(

Finally I was off to the park, dropping my trash in the poop can by the entrance gate. Yay! Now to have some fun and visit with the other dog people. Pugs are so friendly, they instantly walk around greeting everyone and sniffing out the other dogs. We had a lovely visit to the park, the weather was cool and mostly cloudy but still pleasant.

Time to go home! Leashing up in the park is much easier than in the car. The dogs are relatively worn out and are ready to get their leashes on to head home. We say our good byes to our park friends and head to the car. Then begins the he said, she said...I gave you the keys, no, I gave you the keys!! Back and forth. I finally remembered that yes, I did have the keys last as I was the one locking the car after getting out the water. But where did I put them?

I patted my pockets, nope, no keys. I headed back to the picnic table where we had plopped all of our junk, water, leashes. Nope, no keys. By now I am starting to get anxious. How would we get home? Who would give us a ride with five wild monkeys? How would we get into the locked house to get hubby's keys? Where were my keys!!! I really wanted them back as I have a small pug charm on the key ring made by a friend. Also, this is our only working electronic key fob!

All of a sudden I remembered what I had done when I entered the park. I dropped trash into the dog poop garbage can as I was walking through the gate. Yes...the poop can. Ugh!!! I was going to have to reach in and look for my keys amongst all the dog poop! Double ugh! What a stinky garbage can! Luckily our park provides litter bags for picking up after the dogs. I just moved about the top layer of warm and stinky poop bags and there they were!! Along with my dead batteries. No poop leakage, boy was I relieved.

Hooray!! We could go home!! All I could think about on the drive home was washing my hands as soon as I got in the door. And that is just what I did!

Hubby and I are now researching seat belt harnesses for everyone. Contained dogs would be wonderful!
take care everyone, talk to you soon!

September 3, 2010

Ollie's Ear Whorls

Hi everyone!

A few post back I mentioned that Ollie has the cutest little whorls in his fur right before his ears. Well, this is a tough spot to photo!! But I finally got a few that show this cute little spot. So here is a dose of Ollie cuteness for the Holiday weekend!

Have a great weekend everybody!

(please excuse my tummy in the bottom of the photos, Ollie was sitting on my lap and he would not move any further from my belleh!)

September 1, 2010

My First Pug Rescue Transport!

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all well and happy. Nothing exciting or new over here. Summer is just about over, as soon as it really started here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm hoping we will have a few more weeks of fairly decent weather in September. Gosh...September already! Can you believe it? I know a lot of you love fall, but it's just one more dreary season to me. :o(

Today I got to help out the Seattle Pug Rescue. I was thrilled to help! The Seattle Pug Rescue is a wonderful group that helps rescue pugs get healthy and happy and new forever homes. Hubby and I signed up to help as transport drivers back in May. And today I finally got to help!

I picked up an older gentleman pug in Olympia at the animal shelter and drove him about 75 miles north to Norton's Ark. They are the wonderful people that take care of these pugs while they are evaluated and see the vet.

Here is my little passenger. He was not too thrilled to be in the kennel, he barked and wheezed for the first half of the trip. I talked and sang to him, hoping he would settle down. Since I am not a very good singer, I guess I just annoyed the poor guy. I turned up the radio and he finally relaxed. I guess Robert Plant is more soothing than me! I would have to agree. ;o)

This is one poor, sad old boy. He looks like he had been left outside for a very long time. His skin is black from the sun and his fur is all puffy. His eyes were filled with pus and goo.

You can see from this photo that he has some horrible attachments, they are not his boy parts, they are untreated tumors. You can also see the scabs and wear and tear on his poor back legs. It looks like he spent a lot of time in one spot.

I will not tell you all of the horrible thought I have about his former "family". Let's just say they are horrible people and do not deserve to have any animals. And that I believe in karma, what goes around, comes around. People that mistreat animals are vile.

I would shed tears for this little pug, but I brought him to some wonderful people today. They will care for all of his health issues. They will give him all of the love and affection that he so deserves. Even if this poor old boy is so ill that he just has a short time left, I know it will be in comfort and love.

I am honored and privileged to help the Seattle Pug Rescue. I look forward to transporting more pugs to the way station to their forever homes.

Hug your pugs and all of your pets and family. Thank you for being kind people and taking proper care of your pets.
hugs and love to you all!!

August 16, 2010

Awards and Internet Funnies

Hi everyone!

Phew! The heat has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. We are all sweating away and trying to stay cool. We ran out early Saturday morning to the off leash park, but it was already too hot to play for long.

I have been enjoying my iced coffees and iced tea. I was buying iced coffee at Starbucks, but that was too expensive. I discovered cold brewed coffee and now I make my own at home!! I also use instant coffee when I don't want to make the brewed. ;o) My next project is to try sweet tea made with Splenda instead of sugar. If you have any good tea recipes, please let me know!

We have been awarded a very awesome award from our friends Wilma the Pug, and Sluggo and Brigitte too! This is the Versatile Blogger Award! We are proud and honored to receive this award. Thank you very much Wilma, Sluggo and Brigitte!

We need to share seven things you don't know about us. Hmmmmm....we try not to keep secrets, it's too hard to remember them. OK, here goes!

1. Charlie does not like Honey puppy. If you give Honey any attention, Charlie will come over and glare at you. If Honey puppy does not come to bed with everyone else, Charlie just can't lie still until Honey gets to bed.

2. Ollie has the cutest little whorls in his fur. He has one on each side at his shoulders and one under each ear. The ear ones are so sweet!! It looks like he has buttons!

3. Dodger has the loudest snore of all. When he starts to sleep, he lets out this really loud gurgling snore! He doesn't make the other puggy noises, just a big snore.

4. Penny has the cutest under bite. She has teeny, tiny teeth and with her under bite, well, it just melts your heart.

5. Honey pretends to not like any of the other dogs. But when we all snuggle up in bed, she will snuggle with Ollie.'s a secret and she would be embarrassed if she knew I had shared.

6. If we stop at a store or someplace with the dogs in the car, either hubby or I will stay in the car with them. When I go in to the store, everyone is happy and quiet. When dad goes in to the store, they all whine and cry and jump at the windows! Talk about favoritism!

7. All of the dogs go around to all of their food dishes and eat. It's a rotating buffet for them every meal time. We started with Charlie, Ollie and Honey eating in the same location every time. Now everyone just wanders around and I assume they all get enough food. Otherwise you have to stand in the kitchen with them until they finish eating to referee.

Thanks again Wilma, we just love awards!!

I wanted to share something about Wilma and the gang with you. Wilma and I are members of the Pets Blogroll. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and find lots of information about dogs and all kinds of pets. I have really noticed an increase in readership since I joined. So check them out! We hope to see you there!

Lastly, here are a couple of recent pug related internet funnies I found. They are so cute and funny. Click on this link to see a cute Sheldon Comic about pugs. If you are checking after 8/16, please check the archives for this days comic.

Have a great week!!

August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Hi everyone!

Today is Charlie's third birthday! Charlie is such a great little pug! She is full of life and personality.

Charlie is truly the life of the party in our house. She spent the weekend with her grandma running agility trials. The house felt so quiet without our little Chuck Monster. It's not like she is constantly running around or anything, we have two puppies for that. Charlie is just such a personable girl. You just feel her presence louder than the other dogs.

Here is a little photo montage of our sweet girl, Charlie.

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Happy Birthday, Charlie Girl! We love you very much!

It's been a busy week for birthdays, Emmitt and Brigitte and I think there were more too. I hope everydog's dreams come true!

July 22, 2010

Dog Park Story

Hi everyone,

We sure have been having fun at our local off leash park. Fort Steilacoom Dog Park is a wonderful place and is well taken care of by the park maintenance workers. The park is 22 acres, all fenced in for the dogs and their people to roam. The entire park is 340 acres and is just beautiful. If you are in the Puget Sound you should definitely stop by.

Lately I have been showing you all of the fun of our park adventures. Today I want to share a little story of an adventure gone wrong.

Last year around this same time Hubby and I thought a trip to the dog park would be fun. We packed up the puppies and headed out. We decided that a picnic would be fun and stopped at Subway for sandwiches and sodas. We were on our way!

We arrived at the park and got all the leashes on the dogs, always an exciting time. They all get so excited to be at the park and see their leashes that they just hop back and forth from the back seat to the front until we get them all sorted out. We finally got out of the car and walked to the gate, dog leashes and picnic in hand.

There is a nice spot in the back area of the park with a bench that we set our sights on. It looked like a great spot for a picnic. Out in the open with plenty of room for the dogs to wander. We started to walk towards this bench having a good time looking around at all of the cute doggies, saying hello as we went. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a Labrador sized dog heading to us at a pretty fast run. They next thing I knew was that dog was slamming into my legs, right at knee level. His shoulder hit the side and back of my knee so hard that I just toppled over.

I went over like a tree. Whump!! Face forward, arms akimbo. Dogs were surrounding me along with their people. I fell so hard I literally lost my breath. I have fallen a lot over the years, but this was the hardest landing ever.

I got myself up, dusted myself off and took stock of the situation. I was pretty shook up but I still had my lunch. I took a look around at all of the dogs clamouring for my sandwich and decided that maybe a picnic in a dog park wasn't such a great idea after all. I looked at Hubby and said "I'm going to eat in the car". I walked back to our car, turned it on so I could have some air conditioning and music and had my picnic in the car.

When we got home I looked for any damage to myself from the fall. I hit the ground so hard with my chest that I had bruised my boobies!! The top of my breasts and my chest were a lovely shade of purple that lasted over a week.

Lately I have noticed some new signs in the dog park. They are really big with a long list of Do's and Don't's. And one of the Don't's, right in the middle of the huge sign "Do Not Bring Food into the Dog Park". I think they should put my picture on the sign as a grim reminder of what can happen if you don't follow this rule. Take it from me, it's not worth it, have your picnic outside the off leash area!!

take care everyone!

July 18, 2010

Impromptu Pug Party!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, we have been busy with family in from other countries and other states. I hope you are all enjoying your summer days.

Visiting with family is great! Since hubby has been off work for his hernia surgery recovery we have been able to spend more time with everyone. We had a lovely picnic at a pretty park with this little cutie, Ashley. This was one the first days that we got to meet Ashley as she live abroad with her family. We brought the dogs along and they were very popular. Here's Ashley's big brother, Zach, watching the dogs. They both have a big sister named Abby, but we unfortunately we missed her in our photos!

We also spent some great afternoons at the dog park. It is so much fun to see all of the other dogs and meeting such nice people. And if we are lucky, we get to have an impromptu pug meet up!
This happened yesterday. We spotted one pug and visited for a few minutes and when we looked up there were six pugs coming up to us! Another two joined in a bit later. We sere surrounded by a sea of pugs and pug bottoms! There were a total of twelve pugs milling around. We also had a few Westies, Chihuahuas and mixed breed pups too.

There was a little bit of pug humpy and lots of panting. Penny was quite popular, even having her photo taken with some of the other pug parents. But poor Penny was yesterday's news as soon as this little boy showed up. This is Cruiser, he's three months old and his family includes two sweet little girls.

This cute little Chihuahua walking in front of Penny was there with her sister. They are about 7 or 8 years old and had been found wandering alone in the woods on a local island. When the woman that found them opened her car door they just hopped right in. Her vet said they were two breeding ladies who just got abandoned when they were too old. That story makes me angry and sad. :o( But they are now getting all of the pampering they deserve.

We love our dog park. We have so much fun every time we go. Dog watching and people watching are great things to do on a nice sunny afternoon!
take care!