September 7, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We just relaxed at home for most of the three day weekend.

Hubby and I did take all of the pup dogs to the off leash park on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time as usual. The spontaneous pug meet up happened again. There are some other regular park visitors with multiple pugs and we seem to meet them on most of our visits. We love our off leash park, everyone is so friendly!

Hi, I'm Penny! Remember me? I'm the cute one!

Getting five rambunctious dogs leashed up and out of the car is quite an undertaking. They are all excited and barking and wiggling! We keep trying different ideas about how to get this done with the least amount of frustration.

This time we decided to leash up at the back end of the SUV by opening the hatch window only. This was my idea, I thought we could contain them better with no one sneaking out. It all sounds good in theory, but five wiggling dogs, backing up and shoving others aside makes it tough. We also bring our own water and water bowl as the park water has a strong smell and our dogs won't drink it.

We got all the dogs leashed and out and then we were passing leashes back and forth as well as reaching in for the water jug. I ended up giving all the dogs to hubby and telling him to go ahead to the gate without me. I would get the dish and water. Hubby handed me the keys and headed off with all of the dogs.

I reached in and pulled out the water jug and reached in again for the bowl. I remembered that I had put some dead batteries from our camera in the bowl when I picked up the rescue pug. I decided this would be a great time to throw these away so the dogs wouldn't chew the loose batteries on the way home. I also picked up the empty wrapper from the new batteries I had put in the camera. I had my hands full and disorganized. I was also kind of huffy about the dogs and hubby. The wild dogs routine does not make me happy. :o(

Finally I was off to the park, dropping my trash in the poop can by the entrance gate. Yay! Now to have some fun and visit with the other dog people. Pugs are so friendly, they instantly walk around greeting everyone and sniffing out the other dogs. We had a lovely visit to the park, the weather was cool and mostly cloudy but still pleasant.

Time to go home! Leashing up in the park is much easier than in the car. The dogs are relatively worn out and are ready to get their leashes on to head home. We say our good byes to our park friends and head to the car. Then begins the he said, she said...I gave you the keys, no, I gave you the keys!! Back and forth. I finally remembered that yes, I did have the keys last as I was the one locking the car after getting out the water. But where did I put them?

I patted my pockets, nope, no keys. I headed back to the picnic table where we had plopped all of our junk, water, leashes. Nope, no keys. By now I am starting to get anxious. How would we get home? Who would give us a ride with five wild monkeys? How would we get into the locked house to get hubby's keys? Where were my keys!!! I really wanted them back as I have a small pug charm on the key ring made by a friend. Also, this is our only working electronic key fob!

All of a sudden I remembered what I had done when I entered the park. I dropped trash into the dog poop garbage can as I was walking through the gate. Yes...the poop can. Ugh!!! I was going to have to reach in and look for my keys amongst all the dog poop! Double ugh! What a stinky garbage can! Luckily our park provides litter bags for picking up after the dogs. I just moved about the top layer of warm and stinky poop bags and there they were!! Along with my dead batteries. No poop leakage, boy was I relieved.

Hooray!! We could go home!! All I could think about on the drive home was washing my hands as soon as I got in the door. And that is just what I did!

Hubby and I are now researching seat belt harnesses for everyone. Contained dogs would be wonderful!
take care everyone, talk to you soon!


  1. Ha ha ha.. Since it all ended well we think it is a leetle bit funny.

    And yes - secure and controlled leashing of the dogs upon arrival really is important. I spent a lot of time with my guys to make sure they don't exit the car without permission. Even if I'm not looking. Now that I don't have a car it's even more important, since Bajas is not normally crated when we ride in other people's cars.


  2. I'm so glad you were able to get to your keys . . . even tho they were in the poo can! Once on vacation Dave forgot his keys (I didn't bring mine) and we had to break into our kitchen window. Not a fun way to come home.

    Glad you had a good time with your wild monkeys!

  3. That's super least for the one not going in for the keys...but the one watching...hehehe! Penny yousa are super duper adorables. Can't wait to hear about more adventures.
    Lots of Luvs and Licks,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  4. your park sure looks like a great place to hang out with friends :)

  5. Puglette, you have my utmost respect--I am so impressed that you guys can leash up and navigate five pups! We have three, and we have pretty much given up on taking them all somewhere at the same time. Any two of them together can pull me down, and they're just nuts unless they're alone.

    SO sorry about your keys! I dropped mine in the toilet once, but at least it had been, er, flushed. I still washed them, though.

  6. ICK!!!!!!! Mommy would gag and make dad dig for the keys in the poop can. You are very brave. Mom says that dealing with me in the car is like wrestling an alligator so she shelled out the cash and bought us a jail cell. Yep, a snoozer pet car seat with seatbelts.

  7. With 5 you might need something like this.
    If you don't have five seat belts that you can snap into.
    We have something like this
    for when we travel in the car.

    Good Luck!

  8. Puglette
    You tell the BESTEST storys. Always about real life and how it is dealing with pugs in everyday situations.
    We can relate to everything you said,,,, I cannot even fathom how you can handle 5 dogs,,,,
    this little "you know who" is equal to 5 dogs and she is only 1 !
    Good luck on the seat belts...... I know for sure it would not go over to good with "you know who"
    Your babies are all so adorable..... we love looking at their darling faces and hearing about their real life adventures,,, and yours too,!
    Glad you found your non stinky keys.
    Another great story!

  9. hi puglette!

    ohhhh! we are so glad you found your keys!

    your day sounds like fun and your photos of your fur family are just too cute for words!

    m & e

  10. Oh noes! At least you figured out where the keys were. Sorry you had to put your hands in the poop can though!

  11. Your outing looked like so much fun!
    Great photos too! Daisy and I hope you
    have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  12. Haha oh no!! lol

    Good luck with the doggy seatbelts. We have one for Gus but it is more work to get him to stay in it then it is to make him stay in the back seat. But i should keep at it. I have troubel with two, i cannot imagine taking 5 dogs to the dog park!

  13. I know this is random, but I can't stand how cute this is. Go pugs!

  14. A funny story especially the bit about getting them leashed up in the back of the car made me laugh!, we had three dogs at one time we rescued when we were living in Romania, they were so boisterous together and often drove us crazy in situations like that, alas we only have Frank left now from the three but the happy memories will last for ever..

  15. Boy, you have your hands full of little puggles there! They are all so cute, especially rolling over for tummy tickles.

    I have a dog car harness for my westie which is great, but as soon as I open the car door he is straining to get out but can't until I release the seat belt, which is good and safe. I got a Clix - recommend.

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