September 3, 2010

Ollie's Ear Whorls

Hi everyone!

A few post back I mentioned that Ollie has the cutest little whorls in his fur right before his ears. Well, this is a tough spot to photo!! But I finally got a few that show this cute little spot. So here is a dose of Ollie cuteness for the Holiday weekend!

Have a great weekend everybody!

(please excuse my tummy in the bottom of the photos, Ollie was sitting on my lap and he would not move any further from my belleh!)


  1. Hahah what a cutie!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. I would like to kiss that little whorl!
    It would feel so soft to the lips.
    There is not anything on that little Ollie that is not kissable.
    Thank you Ollie for sharing your cuteness with us.

  3. OOOOOhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I love them little whorls.

  4. Oh, Ollie. You don't mind if I ever so softly kiss your sweet ear whorls, do you? I promise, I won't even wake you up.

    Thanks for the photos!

  5. Yes, those ear whorls were just made for kissin'!

  6. Little whorls are so cute! My mommie loves to just touch my ears, she says they feel like the velvet!

  7. awwww those really are cute :)


  8. hi puglette!
    oh ollie just makes us smile from ear to ear. :)

    happy happy tuesday!

    m & e

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