August 16, 2010

Awards and Internet Funnies

Hi everyone!

Phew! The heat has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. We are all sweating away and trying to stay cool. We ran out early Saturday morning to the off leash park, but it was already too hot to play for long.

I have been enjoying my iced coffees and iced tea. I was buying iced coffee at Starbucks, but that was too expensive. I discovered cold brewed coffee and now I make my own at home!! I also use instant coffee when I don't want to make the brewed. ;o) My next project is to try sweet tea made with Splenda instead of sugar. If you have any good tea recipes, please let me know!

We have been awarded a very awesome award from our friends Wilma the Pug, and Sluggo and Brigitte too! This is the Versatile Blogger Award! We are proud and honored to receive this award. Thank you very much Wilma, Sluggo and Brigitte!

We need to share seven things you don't know about us. Hmmmmm....we try not to keep secrets, it's too hard to remember them. OK, here goes!

1. Charlie does not like Honey puppy. If you give Honey any attention, Charlie will come over and glare at you. If Honey puppy does not come to bed with everyone else, Charlie just can't lie still until Honey gets to bed.

2. Ollie has the cutest little whorls in his fur. He has one on each side at his shoulders and one under each ear. The ear ones are so sweet!! It looks like he has buttons!

3. Dodger has the loudest snore of all. When he starts to sleep, he lets out this really loud gurgling snore! He doesn't make the other puggy noises, just a big snore.

4. Penny has the cutest under bite. She has teeny, tiny teeth and with her under bite, well, it just melts your heart.

5. Honey pretends to not like any of the other dogs. But when we all snuggle up in bed, she will snuggle with Ollie.'s a secret and she would be embarrassed if she knew I had shared.

6. If we stop at a store or someplace with the dogs in the car, either hubby or I will stay in the car with them. When I go in to the store, everyone is happy and quiet. When dad goes in to the store, they all whine and cry and jump at the windows! Talk about favoritism!

7. All of the dogs go around to all of their food dishes and eat. It's a rotating buffet for them every meal time. We started with Charlie, Ollie and Honey eating in the same location every time. Now everyone just wanders around and I assume they all get enough food. Otherwise you have to stand in the kitchen with them until they finish eating to referee.

Thanks again Wilma, we just love awards!!

I wanted to share something about Wilma and the gang with you. Wilma and I are members of the Pets Blogroll. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and find lots of information about dogs and all kinds of pets. I have really noticed an increase in readership since I joined. So check them out! We hope to see you there!

Lastly, here are a couple of recent pug related internet funnies I found. They are so cute and funny. Click on this link to see a cute Sheldon Comic about pugs. If you are checking after 8/16, please check the archives for this days comic.

Have a great week!!

August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Hi everyone!

Today is Charlie's third birthday! Charlie is such a great little pug! She is full of life and personality.

Charlie is truly the life of the party in our house. She spent the weekend with her grandma running agility trials. The house felt so quiet without our little Chuck Monster. It's not like she is constantly running around or anything, we have two puppies for that. Charlie is just such a personable girl. You just feel her presence louder than the other dogs.

Here is a little photo montage of our sweet girl, Charlie.

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Happy Birthday, Charlie Girl! We love you very much!

It's been a busy week for birthdays, Emmitt and Brigitte and I think there were more too. I hope everydog's dreams come true!