August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Hi everyone!

Today is Charlie's third birthday! Charlie is such a great little pug! She is full of life and personality.

Charlie is truly the life of the party in our house. She spent the weekend with her grandma running agility trials. The house felt so quiet without our little Chuck Monster. It's not like she is constantly running around or anything, we have two puppies for that. Charlie is just such a personable girl. You just feel her presence louder than the other dogs.

Here is a little photo montage of our sweet girl, Charlie.

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Happy Birthday, Charlie Girl! We love you very much!

It's been a busy week for birthdays, Emmitt and Brigitte and I think there were more too. I hope everydog's dreams come true!


  1. HapPy birfdaY Charlie Girl!!!!

    We enjoy playing over at's yous bloggy so.. and yous makes sure to gets plenty of pupcakes and prezzies and we's be backs to plays wits yous new toys...hee hees!!!


    xo xo xo
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  2. Happy birfday Charlie Girl! Wesa liked your picture of you in the big rig the bestest. You are super talented with all those ribbons and agility. Wowwee!
    Have fun and lots of treats (you'll run them off)!
    Love muchums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  3. Happy Birthday Sunflower Sister, Charlie we hope you have the best day. Filled up with love and kisses,prezzies and treats.

  4. Happy Birfday Charlie sweetie pie! We always like seeing you in action.

    Sequoia and Tuni

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!

    Don't forget, we've moved to

  6. Happy Birthday Charlie! Three years old already? You are one very special little pug.


  7. Happy Bithday Charlie girl
    we love you sooo much.
    you really are the life of the party.
    AND,,,,,,,,, we hope you got lots of prezzies and cakes!

  8. Happy birthday, Charlie! I'm sorry I missed your actual birthday day. My Mommeh has Wednesday off, so we try to get all caught up on that day. I hope you had an extra-special birthday!

  9. Oh hey...hey...thanks fur dropping by me bloggie. I likes new furiends. And ummmm bout dat tolit paper stuffs you was talkin bout....OH MY GOSH, I am so skilled at dat. It brings me great fulfillment to unroll, unroll, unroll, unroll, and unroll a looks like snow...hehehehe! But today my poop was stuck cuz i ate da fuzz off ofs me tennis ball...hehehe! Oh boy, dat sure didn't makes da mum happy on her birfday EVEN though I tried to tells her it was SUPPOSE to be a gift UNTIL it gots stuck...hehehehe!
    And Charlie, Happy belated birfday. Mine was last week and I turned 2 years old.


  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Charlie! You are amazing!

  11. Awwww! Happy birthday, sweet Charlie. Sorry I am a little late. I enjoyed all those photos. I hope you had a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday Charlie

    I am your newest follower

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Charlie!
    Daisy and I hope it was a great one!

    -Dana & Daisy

  14. Hi guys,
    Just wanted to let you know, I left an award for you on my blog today.I hope you love it,cuz we love you!


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