January 29, 2009

Neighborhood Excitement

Hi everyone,

We had some unwanted excitement in our neighborhood this evening. Our next door neighbor's house caught on fire! Hubby spoke with them and found out that there had been a grease fire in their kitchen. The woman said that her hubby was making french fries and that when he was finished she smelled something smokey. She went to her kitchen and the fire was raging! By the time she turned around to call her husband the fire started moving through their dining room. She phoned 911 and grabbed their kitty and ran out the door. They moved their cars out of the driveway and stood back to let the firemen in to do their job. She said her little kitty had burnt some toe pads trying to jump through a hot window.

The dogs started barking outside and I heard a big truck honking but did not hear sirens. I thought it was hubby honking at the doggies. I knew he was bringing his truck home and so I was expecting the barking and truck sounds. But when I heard more horns, I got up to look and saw all the lights flashing right out in front of our house. I quickly got the dogs in and grabbed my phone and went out to see what was happening.

At first I thought it was a medical emergency, we have several elderly neighbors and have had ambulances and fire trucks on the street several times. This time was very different! The fire hose was strung all in front of our driveway. That's our fence in the photo and our mailbox. That fire hose was huge and full of water! I was so shocked to see the neighbors house smoking away and all the firemen entering with hoses and axes.

I called hubby to see where he was and he was just about home and stopped at the store for a minute. He had seen all of the trucks whizzing by. I was asking another neighbor if she had seen the neighbors from the burning home, but she is new in the neighborhood and didn't know them. I didn't see their cars in the driveway so I was hopeful that they were safe. By the time hubby got home we saw our neighbor coming up the street clutching her kitty and walking with a fireman. The poor woman, she had run out without her shoes! I brought her a pair of mine and offered blankets and jackets. The fireman said he would get her warm and comfortable but if I had shoes that would help. Well of course!! I felt awful for them, hubby was keeping tabs on them and said the Red Cross would help find them a place to stay.

Their poor house is now boarded up and forlorn. We don't know our neighbors well at all, hubby and I keep to ourselves. :o( I try to introduce myself when we have new neighbors and wave when I see them but we do not socialize. I am very shy and have been forever. It's easy to share on the blog because I don't have to be seen and I don't have to tell you everything. Events like this make me think that we should get to know our neighbors.

Keep an eye on your neighbors, you never know when they may need your help!

January 28, 2009

The Milkweed Project

Hi everyone!

While over on Ravelry.com I happened to read about a very fun and exciting art project. The Milkweed Project is an art project headed up by Shan B. Her goal is to have a large collaborative interpretation of a milkweed pod, or more specifically, the inside of a milkweed pod.

Shan has asked for contributions of fiber, knit, crochet, spun in white tones. She will then install all of the pieces in a gallery and create a milkweed pod that people can walk through and experience.

Shan is still open to contributors so check out her blog and see for yourself! You don't need to be a Ravelry member to join, but if you are you can join The Pod group. I think this will be very exciting and fun. Just knowing I have a crochet sample in an art project is going to be exciting. I love collaborative art, and to participate...well, that just sound like fun!

have a good evening!

January 26, 2009

Road Trip! part 2

Hi everyone!
Well, here we are again...road trip part 2!

After lunch we left Leavenworth and headed towards home. It is a lovely drive home through snow covered mountains.

We even had a rest stop! The girls are kind of naughty so they really have to be leashed if we are stopping just a short time. Also with the freeway so close, I worry about them running off and into the road. Ollie is a daddy's boy so he just comes as soon as hubby calls for him.

All in all, it was a very nice day. I really love Washington, it's so scenic and everything is fairly close. Within just a few hours we have spectacular mountains, ocean beaches and foreign countries. Come on over and visit someday!

On a sad note, we have been following the plight of some puppy mill dogs. In the past few weeks there have been at least three large puppy mill arrests and rescues in a nearby town. The local rescue groups are overwhelmed with doggies needing help. There have been nearly 700 dogs rescued and most of them are pregnant. The shelters are anticipating 1,500 puppies in the upcoming weeks. They are in poor condition and need tons of medical and dental care to help them get to a adoptable state. If you can make any kind of donation to help these pups, please look here at the Everett Animal Shelter.

hugs to you and yours,

January 25, 2009

Road Trip!

Hi everyone!
We had a great road trip day on Saturday! We had some sun and high clouds for most of the ride up the hill. The mountains were foggy and cold. The puppies were fun and the people were nice.
We brewed up a pot of good coffee and loaded up the dogs into hubbies cab. We were off to deliver a lovely birthday gift.

It was pretty chilly, right around freezing so the dogs were all trying to get warm. Charlie found the best spot, right between the dashboard on the floor and dad's garbage can. The heater ducts went right over her so she was really toasty. My apologies for the dirty trash can and floor, but this is a tow truck. ;o) She didn't stay there long, I think I annoyed her with the flash photography.

We drove up into the beautiful Cascade Mountains heading northeast from our house. We delivered this beautiful birthday present. Pretty nice gift! A woman is giving it to her husband, makes you wonder what she's getting for her birthday!

The doggies had to stay in the truck as they were likely to get excited and scratch and / or pee on the nice car. Ollie and Charlie think the car looks tasty!

Honey wants me to rescue her from the pugs. Can't you just see it in her expression? Poor puppy.

After we dropped off the car we went on to Leavenworth, about two or three miles away. We drove through town and stopped to get some lunch. As you can see we had typical Bavarian cuisine. Sorry for the blurry photos, it was really cold! I really didn't want to get out of the truck.

Ok, I have a bunch of pictures to share, but I also want to have more than one post...so...
Return tomorrow!

January 22, 2009

Doggy Desktops and Cowbellies!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share something really cute with you. I regularly check on Merry, the pug from Pampered Puppy. Merry's mom, Angie takes beautiful photos of her. Merry is a fashion model and she is absolutely adorable! She has a wonderful wardrobe and is always smartly accessorized. Merry is the barksmodel for Pampered Puppy. Her mom writes the product reviews or "merryvaluations". Please go over and take a look around and check out Merry's blog.

Today when I checked on Merry's latest photo there was something new!! Doggy Desktops! These are really cute dog wallpapers for your desktop on your computer. There are some very nice pictures there that you can download for free! How cool is that!!

There is another dog photography blog that I check in on regularly. Cowbelly Pet Photography is a wonderful photo blog by Jaime Pflughoeft. Cowbelly is located in Seattle but that's not the only reason why I love this blog. Jaime's work is stunning. She takes beautiful photos and also makes art out of them. Her photos are already beautiful art but then she adds colors and backgrounds and well, they are just awesome! My dream would be to have a photo shoot with her and our puppies.

Thanks for the nice comments about Leavenworth. The pictures I used were tourist photos. I will take some pictures when we visit on Saturday. I think it's snowy up there right now.

Take care!




January 21, 2009

A New Award!

Hi everyone!
Here we are, mid week...phew! I can see the weekend from here! I get to ride along with hubby this Saturday. He has to deliver a car to Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a very scenic little town northeast of us. It is modeled after a Bavarian village so it has a lot of charm. I won't be able to look at any shops or tour the town but I may get him to stop for lunch. Hubby doesn't like to slow for tourist activities when he is on the clock. We have been to Leavenworth many times so I will be ok with just a scenic drive. ;o)

I got an award from Clover! It's the Friend Bloggy Award. What a nice award! I need to share this with eight bloggers. I would like to share this friend award with... Everyone! I couldn't decide who to share with since I think every blogger I visit is so nice and has made me feel so welcome.

Oh! I almost forgot, I need to add this paragraph about the award: "Here's the Friend Bloggy Award Scoop: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!
talk to you soon!!

January 18, 2009

Dog Park Day!

Hi everyone!

We went to the off leash park today. We all had a great time. Hubby's mom called and said she was going and would we like to come too..well of course! It was a gorgeous sunny day here in Western Washington, clear and cold. The park was full of dogs and their people. What fun!

We also had a lovely view of Mount Rainier with it's fresh ice cap. We are really blessed to have this spectacular mountain nearby. It dominates the view, sometimes it is very small in the distance but at other vantage points it looks huge. I am sure this is a trick of nature, but it is interesting to see.

Look at this cute little corgi puppy, so adorable! He is four months old and he was fast! That's why he's a bit blurry.

I'm not sure what type of dog this is, just a cutie!

Here's the two Ollie's. You can see our pug, Ollie in the front and then the tiny yorkie behind the chihuahua was named Ollie too. I would call our Ollie and this little guy would come right to me.

Here's Annie, Mom's westie. I love her pink ears. I tried to get some pictures of her other dog, Archie but he's very social and was always on the move.

Here are Cesar and Ivan, a pair of puggie boys. Their mom was very nice.

Here's Mr. Photogenic! That Ollie sure takes a nice picture. :o) I love his expression in the second picture, so cute!

And here's the girls! Charlie and Honey are so cute together.

After the dog park, hubby and I went for long overdue haircuts. Sorry, no pctures of us, the camera batteries died at the park. We both have chilly necks, but feel much better with our new do's. We also went out for fish and chips, yummy!! Now we are back home all snuggled with puppies on our laps. I am working on crocheting a sweater for me! More details to follow!

Take care everyone!