January 22, 2009

Doggy Desktops and Cowbellies!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share something really cute with you. I regularly check on Merry, the pug from Pampered Puppy. Merry's mom, Angie takes beautiful photos of her. Merry is a fashion model and she is absolutely adorable! She has a wonderful wardrobe and is always smartly accessorized. Merry is the barksmodel for Pampered Puppy. Her mom writes the product reviews or "merryvaluations". Please go over and take a look around and check out Merry's blog.

Today when I checked on Merry's latest photo there was something new!! Doggy Desktops! These are really cute dog wallpapers for your desktop on your computer. There are some very nice pictures there that you can download for free! How cool is that!!

There is another dog photography blog that I check in on regularly. Cowbelly Pet Photography is a wonderful photo blog by Jaime Pflughoeft. Cowbelly is located in Seattle but that's not the only reason why I love this blog. Jaime's work is stunning. She takes beautiful photos and also makes art out of them. Her photos are already beautiful art but then she adds colors and backgrounds and well, they are just awesome! My dream would be to have a photo shoot with her and our puppies.

Thanks for the nice comments about Leavenworth. The pictures I used were tourist photos. I will take some pictures when we visit on Saturday. I think it's snowy up there right now.

Take care!





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