January 29, 2009

Neighborhood Excitement

Hi everyone,

We had some unwanted excitement in our neighborhood this evening. Our next door neighbor's house caught on fire! Hubby spoke with them and found out that there had been a grease fire in their kitchen. The woman said that her hubby was making french fries and that when he was finished she smelled something smokey. She went to her kitchen and the fire was raging! By the time she turned around to call her husband the fire started moving through their dining room. She phoned 911 and grabbed their kitty and ran out the door. They moved their cars out of the driveway and stood back to let the firemen in to do their job. She said her little kitty had burnt some toe pads trying to jump through a hot window.

The dogs started barking outside and I heard a big truck honking but did not hear sirens. I thought it was hubby honking at the doggies. I knew he was bringing his truck home and so I was expecting the barking and truck sounds. But when I heard more horns, I got up to look and saw all the lights flashing right out in front of our house. I quickly got the dogs in and grabbed my phone and went out to see what was happening.

At first I thought it was a medical emergency, we have several elderly neighbors and have had ambulances and fire trucks on the street several times. This time was very different! The fire hose was strung all in front of our driveway. That's our fence in the photo and our mailbox. That fire hose was huge and full of water! I was so shocked to see the neighbors house smoking away and all the firemen entering with hoses and axes.

I called hubby to see where he was and he was just about home and stopped at the store for a minute. He had seen all of the trucks whizzing by. I was asking another neighbor if she had seen the neighbors from the burning home, but she is new in the neighborhood and didn't know them. I didn't see their cars in the driveway so I was hopeful that they were safe. By the time hubby got home we saw our neighbor coming up the street clutching her kitty and walking with a fireman. The poor woman, she had run out without her shoes! I brought her a pair of mine and offered blankets and jackets. The fireman said he would get her warm and comfortable but if I had shoes that would help. Well of course!! I felt awful for them, hubby was keeping tabs on them and said the Red Cross would help find them a place to stay.

Their poor house is now boarded up and forlorn. We don't know our neighbors well at all, hubby and I keep to ourselves. :o( I try to introduce myself when we have new neighbors and wave when I see them but we do not socialize. I am very shy and have been forever. It's easy to share on the blog because I don't have to be seen and I don't have to tell you everything. Events like this make me think that we should get to know our neighbors.

Keep an eye on your neighbors, you never know when they may need your help!


  1. Wow! I'm glad everyone inside was OK - that was very nice of you to offer them shoes and blankets. It's amazing how close we can live to people without ever getting to know them. When we moved in to our new neighborhood last year that was one of the things we did - got to know our neighbors! In our last neighborhood we never even spoke to the people that lived right next to us. Now I'm glad to know the people I live near - it makes me feel safer and it's just plain nice.

  2. Puglette, we are so glad she got her kitty out and they are safe. How sad to lose their house. Your mom was so kind to give her some shoes. We hope they find a place to stay very quickly.

  3. How awful for your neighbors. Great that "everyone" was safe and sound, but i can't imagine losing precious belongings! A fire destroying all my photo's is one of my biggest fears.

  4. What a scary story! I am so glad you were there to offer her shoes! I am always afraid when cooking with grease... it gets out of hand so easily! Glad to hear that everyone is safe now.

  5. What a terrible scare! I am so glad your neighbors and their kitty got out safely. We do not really know our neighbors, either, except to wave to them when we see them.

  6. Oh, that is so sad. We are so sorry for your neighbors. At least they are okay (as okay as can be expected).


  7. oh puglette!
    what a story! i am so glad everyone is ok. i know your neighbor appreciated your kindness!
    m & e

  8. OMD how awful, I can't believe that happened just because of french fries! I hope they are doing okay!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  9. Isn't that scary? We had a garage fire once and all the firetrucks and sirens and water was just devastating ... we hope they can get back on their feet soon and that their poor kitty is better.

  10. Oh Puglette
    How scarry a happening! Even the sound of sirens is scary. Your mama was so nice to offer that poor old lady some assistance-. She was a good samaratian (or however it is spelled)
    I know it is so tramatic for them to loose their home. I am glad they got out safe, and the little kitty was saved. I hope the vet gives her some burn medicine for her burned feet.
    I will keep that family in my thoughts

  11. My goodness! Thank god everyone was safe. Poor kitty! I hope her toepads are OK.

    I know what you mean about not being super-sociable with neighbors. We know our next-door neighbors pretty well, but everyone else is more of the "wave and smile" variety. It was so nice of you to offer the woman some shoes and blankets.

    I'd probably grab our cats before thinking to put on shoes, too!


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