February 1, 2009

Agility Saturday

Hi everyone!

We went to AKC agility trials on Saturday. We had a lot of fun! Charlie did not win any ribbons but she did have a fun day with mom, dad and grandma. And Ollie and Honey got to come along too!

Charlie and grandma waited in line for their turn.

Charlie waited with dad while grandma ran with Archie.

Charlie waited for treats...a lot of treats.

Charlie, Ollie and Honey all got new jackets! Honey wore hers in the car, she barks at the people and the other dogs. Honey's is red fleece with dog bones in white and she looks very stylish.

Pugs in Plaid!

We all met some new dogs, some very cute dogs!

Archie and Annie snoozed in their kennels.

Charlie and Ollie snoozed in the x-pen.

Most of the pictures look like this...all blurry because it was cold in there!

We were in a large horse barn, no heat except in the bathrooms. I hung out with Honey in the car an awful lot of the day. I am reading a pretty good book, The Lonely Werewolf Girl so I didn't mind...although Honey did bark at the four huge doberman's in the car next to us. She's so tough, all 12 inches and 20 pounds of her.

We are watching the Superbowl, sort of. Hubby is watching the game while playing another game on his computer. I am waiting for Bruce!!! Woohoo!! I love Bruce Springsteen. :o)

I hope you are all safe and warm, hug your family!





  1. Those plaid coats are so cute! As soon as I put something warm on Fuji, she is out of it in a few minutes. Sorry to hear about your neighbor's house. Love the pictures of return trip especially the snow covered trees.

  2. hi puglette!
    what a great weekend!
    i love the photos and the jackets! omg! they are perfect!
    wasn't bruce fantastic! that was the best part of the whole game!
    m & e

  3. Hi Puglette
    oh my goodness- you were really at the agility trials! Are those the ones I saw on tv? How exciting- and what did you do?
    I love your beautiful, warm - happy looking jackets! So cheerful. What lucky pups you are.

  4. Way to go Charlie!! *high paw fives* Howie tried agility once, but he preferred jumping on all the ladies in the audience and trying to give them kisses rather than going over the seesaw and through the tunnels. We would love to see video of Charlie at agility!

  5. What a fun day! Charlie, you are such a star! We don't care if you win ribbons or not!

    I love those new coats! I hope my Momma doesn't get any ideas though....

  6. Hi! What a fun day! The puggies look great in their new jackets.

  7. I love the little plaid jackets!

    I watched the Super Bowl for the commercials, and my most favorite one was of the Clydesdale and the circus horse.

  8. Oh! I loooooove their little plaid outfits!

  9. Oh, Ollie! You look like you don't like your coat, but you were just MADE for plaid! So cute!!! I'm sorry Charlie didn't win any medals, but I'm glad she got some treats anyway.


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