October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

We had so much fun at the Seattle Pug O Ween last Sunday! We didn't win any prizes but we sure had a good time.

There were so many cute pugs in fabulous costumes. As usual in a pug gathering, the photos are blurry. So, here we go...blurry pug photos!


Ollie and Dad's feet.

Little puggy princess.

Pugs! And their people.

First Place Costume Contest - The Jackson Five

Saint Bernard, Ollie really liked this guy.

This little cow was so cute! He was in a herd of six cows but I couldn't get them all together.

Banana Pug!

Two little angels.

Chillin' Charlie

Spider Pug! I like how the blurry face makes it look more spooky.

Shy little lady bug pug.

Pumpkins and Pirates! Oh my!

The end(s)

October 26, 2009

More Agility Fun!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a beautiful, sunny Saturday. The fall leaves are at their peak and the hills look beautiful. Sunday was cold and wet, and today is too. This usually means the end of the pretty leaves. :o(

We spent Saturday at an Agility Trial. The facility was a very cool place, The Trails End Arena in Olympia WA. This is usually a horse arena but there were lots of doggies for this AKC agility event. The arena building was a huge old building that has been added on to over the years. Parts were old log cabin type walls and then they slapped on a new section when they needed more space.

This was a nice place inside as there were seats! Most of the agility trials are in barns with no seating and outdoor portable potties. The theater style seats were very old wooden chairs. They had beautiful old iron fixtures holding them all together. I really love old architecture and this place was full of quirky odds and ends.

We didn't have enough room for our usual pen so we just brought in our portable dog kennel and set it up in the front row of the seats. We each sat on one side of the dogs and watched the fun.

There were so many people at this trial. We have never seen so many people for just one level of dogs. The excellent group was huge! There were so many people out walking the course that they were bumping into each other.

Charlie was not really in the mood for running agility on Saturday. She liked the jumps but she was not in the mood for the weave poles! Here is a little movie of how we spent the day.

As you can see, the puggies can pop up their heads and look around while they are in the kennel. You can play a fun game of "Whack a Pug" when they are contained like this. ;o)

The next day we went to Pug O Ween!! But I am going to save that fun for another post. I hope you will come back, I have lots of photos to share.

October 19, 2009

Agility Fun

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. We went to the Top Dog Agility Trial at the Elma, WA fairgrounds. It was a very wet Saturday and thankfully the trial was held inside the rodeo barn. This is a nice big building with a snack stand and nice bathrooms (important!). It was a very long day, we arrived at 8:00am and left at 8:00pm.

Since it was raining, we decided the pugs should be wearing their rain gear. Ollie was stylin' his camo hoodie. He was feeling good and he looked good! Charlie was wearing the latest high tech rain gear from ZenTek. This space age fabric kept her dry and at the optimum temperature at all times. Plus, the fluorescent yellow made her stand out and shine like the super star we all know she is!

Charlie's ZenTek jacket was a gift from one of Grandma's friends. This nice woman thought of our Charlie when she won this coat in a drawing. We love it! Thanks June!! We love you too!

We have some movies from Saturday's action to share with you. Our first film is Charlie and Grandma. Charlie still need to work on the "Go" ability. Near the end of this run she is supposed to go do the obstacles on the other side of the pink tape. Grandma cannot step over the line. As you can see, Charlie is all about sticking close to Grandma...you never know when she may hand out some yummy chicken!

Here is Grandma with her dog Archie. He is a sweet little Bichon. He is so cute! Archie was feeling good and he was really working it. There was a little "whoopsie" near the end. That's all I'm saying.

Here is Grandma with her dog Annie. Annie is an adorable Westie. She likes to gnaw on your hand as a greeting. She won't bite, she just likes to make sure you taste good before you can come in. Annie was a good girl and ran well.

While we waited in between runs Ollie just chilled.

Sometimes he chilled a bit more...

We have more agility trials to come in the near future. And we are excited about Pug O Ween next weekend. Take care everyone!


October 16, 2009

Hello from Puglette and Family!

Hi everyone!

Nothing new or exciting here at the Puglette household. I have not found a new job yet. Hubby has not been feeling well. He is starting to get better but it took over three weeks! Flu shots for both of us in the very near future!

We are going to an agility trial tomorrow with Charlie. We will try to remember the camera. :o)

We are looking forward to Pug O Ween! It is coming up on the 25th and we will definitely bring the camera. The pugs have their costumes ready and will be so cute together.

I just wanted to pop in and say "Hello" to you all. I will see you all in the blogosphere!