October 26, 2009

More Agility Fun!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a beautiful, sunny Saturday. The fall leaves are at their peak and the hills look beautiful. Sunday was cold and wet, and today is too. This usually means the end of the pretty leaves. :o(

We spent Saturday at an Agility Trial. The facility was a very cool place, The Trails End Arena in Olympia WA. This is usually a horse arena but there were lots of doggies for this AKC agility event. The arena building was a huge old building that has been added on to over the years. Parts were old log cabin type walls and then they slapped on a new section when they needed more space.

This was a nice place inside as there were seats! Most of the agility trials are in barns with no seating and outdoor portable potties. The theater style seats were very old wooden chairs. They had beautiful old iron fixtures holding them all together. I really love old architecture and this place was full of quirky odds and ends.

We didn't have enough room for our usual pen so we just brought in our portable dog kennel and set it up in the front row of the seats. We each sat on one side of the dogs and watched the fun.

There were so many people at this trial. We have never seen so many people for just one level of dogs. The excellent group was huge! There were so many people out walking the course that they were bumping into each other.

Charlie was not really in the mood for running agility on Saturday. She liked the jumps but she was not in the mood for the weave poles! Here is a little movie of how we spent the day.

As you can see, the puggies can pop up their heads and look around while they are in the kennel. You can play a fun game of "Whack a Pug" when they are contained like this. ;o)

The next day we went to Pug O Ween!! But I am going to save that fun for another post. I hope you will come back, I have lots of photos to share.


  1. There sure were a lot of people there! I guess some days you feel like weaving and some days you don't. It looks like you had loads of fun though!

  2. Sometimes you just aren't in the mood to weave. You sure made grandma motor when you went over the dog walk.

    What is up with all that bitey face at the sidelines?


  3. Wow you are one fast little brave pug. We would never attempt those activities, it would be just too scary!

  4. Great phots! "Whack a Pug" indeed!! LOL!!

  5. hi puglette!
    oh what a fun day and great pictures!

    i cannot wait to see more!

  6. Wow, "bitey face" looks like fun! HI OLLIE! They both look so cute all tucked away in their carrier. I can't wait to see the Pug O Ween photos!!!

  7. Bitey face and whack a pug.......lol, oh you two are a hoot!

  8. That looked like so much fun!
    I would like to try and be a super star like Charlie and Ollie!
    They are too cute in their crates!
    pug kisses


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