April 24, 2009

Here I am!

Hi everyone!
Here we are at the weekend again! Where does the time go, I really do think it just flies by.
I have posted some more photos from our trip last weekend. The first ones are from our hotel on Sunday morning. Hubby took some great pictures from our balcony. We were on the ground floor and had a tremendous view. Port Angeles, WA is a truly beautiful little town. Nestled in the bay at the foot of the Olympic mountains it is sweet and charming. If you ever get a chance to come here I recommend a trip to Port Angeles.

And look! Hubby got some shots of the kayak's at the hotel! The path leads right to town and some nice restaurants and shops. I love that every thing is so close, you can walk to anything you want.

And of course we took some puppy pics. :o)

About 35 miles or so towards home we stopped in the little town of Port Gamble. This is a cute little town but sometimes I think it's kind of spooky. It's very pretty and has some very picturesque souvenir stores. It's just that the homes surrounding the shops don't appear lived in. Everything is so neat and tidy, like it's a movie set. I keep expecting to see Stepford wives or the ladies from Wisteria Lane to come out with muffins.

The only people you see are other tourists. Spooky!!! ;o)

I still have more pictures to share!





  1. Hi Puglette
    What wonderful photos you sharred- both - your amazing trip and the wonderful photos of the babies. How precious they are sitting in their little chair and the seat belt- how funny.
    They are too cute for words- their little expressions and all- crack me up! One word...

  2. hi! thanks for sharing your trip's pics. I love the west coast, I have only been in southern CA and I loved the scenery and geography, and I have always been told that the Northern part of the state is even more beautiful. my husband and I would like to drive all along the coast someday (of course we would have to fly and then rent a car). have a nive weekend! we miss you but we understands that time flies, sometimes its hard for us to update the blog, too!

  3. Port Gamble looks really interesting. I wonder where all the residents are?

  4. Now that sounds a little spooky! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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