April 10, 2009

Photo Hunt: Triangle

Hi everyone!
Well here I am! Thank you for all of the kind messages, I really appreciate you all. I have been around, looking at all of your blogs.

There has been quite a few sad posts lately. Roxy The Devil Dog has lost a dear family friend. Patience has lost two of her beloved dogs and her best friend. I want to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone saddened by loss.

I try not to bring too much of my personal troubles to my blog. I want to share positive thoughts with you, not depress you with my grumbles about my job. So here's to more happy posts and a renewal of positive energies. The promise of spring is finally here, with warm weather and sunny smiles. I plan on starting my tomato tree seeds this weekend, I will enjoy watching something new growing and flourishing.

Ok then...let's move onto some fun stuff.

I recently participated in a swap run by Girlville. This was a relaxation swap. My swap partner was Ar-Bee. And wow! did she spoil me! Her package was jam packed with lovely treats all wrapped in tissue paper. She had made her own confetti in little hearts and sprinkled them through out the box. There was a really sweet card with tips about her favorite ways to relax. Then she packed the box with all the items necessary to go about relaxing!

I forgot to take pictures of the box while I was rooting through all of the tissue paper...I was having too much fun looking for all of the treasures! I did think to take photos of my loot...look at all of this stuff! Thank you so much, Ar-Bee for all the cool stuff. I can't wait to try your homemade bath salts and foot soak! Rose scented for the bath and peppermint for my stinky feet. ;o) And thanks to Girlville for having the swap! I had a ton of fun! I will tell you about my package to Ar-Bee when I know she has the package. And, I am sure you can guess that I forgot to take pictures before I packed it all up.

I have decided participate in Photo Hunter. I always enjoy the posts when I come across them and thought it would be fun to play too. This is my first PhotoHunt post. The theme for this Saturday is Triangle. You are supposed to post a photo that represents the theme. This photo of a lovely clock tower at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco has many triangles in it. I just love the way the sun was lighting up the tower.

The doggies are fine, fat and sassy. We are all looking forward to the Seattle Pug Rescue's Pug Gala on May 9th. We have attended this pug party the past two years and have had a blast. This year will be extra fun as we get to meet Melissa from Life is Art - Art is Life. We will get to see all of the fabulous art work Melissa has created in person. How fun will that be?!? Joan from Peace Love and Pugs will be there too! She makes wonderful pet and people items. Her puppy collars are so sweet! Ollie loves his formal collar, it has a tie!

Speaking of Ollie, we learn a little more about this sweet rescue pug everyday. Last weekend we went to another agility trial for Charlie. She did well and brought home a fist full of ribbons again. We had lovely weather for the weekend and had only a half day on Sunday so we brought Honey and Ollie to the trial with us. The were horrible little yappy dogs! We tried to pretend they weren't our dogs, but it's hard to look believable when you are holding the barky beast's leash.

Anyway...we bought a new harness for Ollie while we were waiting for Charlie to run. It's very nice and is lined with soft polar fleece. This harness has something we hadn't considered previously...it has a big loop attached to put a seat belt through. Ollie has been kind of a pest in the car lately. He paces and pants and seems almost nervous or maybe carsick. He was so needy that we decided to try the seat belt loop. We were amazed with the transformation! Apparently Ollie wants to be restrained in the car! He calmed down and snoozed or just hung out the rest of the drive home. This is just awesome! We will find something for the girls too, but they will not be as happy as Ollie.

It's getting to be my bedtime. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. Hey There Puglette!

    We know how you feel, it is not easy reading about the sad posts. We send our thoughts to these families, too.

    Take Time to Relax! What's That?? Tony and McKenna like to do Yoga, and tell me that I should too, however, I tell them I just can't be still for that long of time. LOL (but it's true! That would drive me nuts to just relax like that.)

    Thanks for posting about Photo Hunter! That looks like FUN.

    Me too, me too - I can't wait for the Pug Gala either!!! Please make sure you stop by to say Hello!! I can't wait to meet Melissa, also!!! This is going to be SO exciting.

    I'm so happy that car rides are much calmer for Ollie. What a perfect solution.

    Have a super weekend and enjoy the Holiday.

    Pug Hugs,
    Joan & Skippy

  2. I just got my Time to Relax Swap package, too!

    I'd like to know where you got the new harnesses.

    Wish we had Pug Groups where I now live!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Very cool architectural triangles!

    That harness sounds great. I have a harness that's made for dogs, but cats can wear it, too. It's made by Puppia and comes in all sorts of colors and designs.

  4. Haven't visited other blogs in a while so just noticed your "new" banner - LOVE that picture of Charlie!! Her wrinkles look so kissable. And I wish we had a Pug Gala in DC too - I would totally go!

  5. Very nice shot for the triangle theme. Welcome to Photo Hunt. My post is up also.

  6. Welcome! Great entry for the triangle... I love the old architecture! As for pugs.. my daughter loves them but we have a rescued cocker spaniel. Daisy is the sweetest sugar plum there is... never and I mean never barks, just wants to be with her people.
    Mine is up here.

  7. Hello Puglette. Thanks for the recipe on my blog. I'll have to try it sometime. I love the artichoke hearts. I have a spinach dip recipe that has them in it. It's awesome!

    Our pugs are fine. Just as lazy as can be. When they are playing their quite rowdy but its so cute when they go chasing each other. Lenny likes to bite Squiggy something awful, I know their playing but it makes ME hurt! LOL

    Hope everything settles down for you.

    Hugs and Pugs,

  8. Hi Puglette
    Sometimes life feels like it is spinning out of control doesn't it? And sometimes we are just hanging by threads. It sounds to me like you are searching,,,, to find the calm, and my moms and I admire that. In your relax package- it looked so awsome- all that wonderful stuff. And the photo shoot thing- that is great to try to get involved. My mommie says she needs to do something before she looses her mind. ANYWAY.
    We visted the bloggie of your friend. Our hearts broke in sadness for her. We read the WHOLE blog, what a tribute in times of sadness, ohhhhh
    Find your peace Puglette- hug your pups , hug your family, and heres some love from me, little, ol tweedles

  9. That is one nice picture for our triangle theme this week. I'm sorry to hear about those sad posts.

    On the other hand, lucky you..you got some really nice loot from your swap partner:)

    Have a happy weekend and hope you can check out my PH entry.

  10. happy easter puglette and family!

    we cannot wait to meet you in person too!

    melissa and emmitt

  11. Hi Puglette, thanks for the comment and the link to the cat burglar story- it was very funny. I loved the picture of the underpants on the washing line, but wonder if anyone would actually want Those back ? ;)
    There was a similar story here in the UK not so long ago:

  12. Your relaxation swap gift looks AWESOME! How sweet and thoughtful.

    Anything that makes Ollie happy makes me happy.

  13. Hi Puglette! Thank you for the wonderful update on what's been going on with you!

    I know you try to leave sadness about your job out of your posts... but make sure you know that we are all here to listen to ANYTHING that's on your heart, even if it's not happy stuff!

  14. Hello Puglette! I received my fabulous box of stuff... I think my faves are either the watermelon pitcher or the kitchen towels. Definitely a toss up! Once I get some pictures taken, I will post them... Can't wait to use them when I have some leisurely summer evenings, especially since I have a lovely back yard that I don't have to mow! :)


  15. Hey Puglette,

    Thx for posting about Photo Hunt. We participated too! It is really fun. Come Ck out our triangle when you have the time.
    Joan & Skippy


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