October 16, 2008

New Patterns

Hi Everyone! I am ready for the weekend. :o)

I just received a nice email Etsy order. I bought ten crochet patterns for a dollar each. They are really nicely written with beautiful photos. I will add a link as soon as I get the store owner's ok. I have some cute new animals and mushrooms to create. The mushrooms are for Dear Daughter. She has a mushroom collection but for viewing only, she will not eat mushrooms voluntarily. I used to be able to trick her with mushroom soup gravy until she finally found the soup can. She liked it too.

We have puggy face fights going on and the puppies are ready for dinner. Me too...

I have been reading some of the food blogs too, they are a lot of fun and it's interesting to see what everyone is having for dinner. We're having clam chowder tonight. A good fall dinner.

What a face! Our little pimple faced, goober eyed doggie. She's a sweetie!


  1. Hi! I haven't read food blogs but I like when pug blogs post about food. I like to cook a lot but lately had not been able to do so. I am sooooo tired!!!
    PS loved the close up. Adorable!

  2. Puglette, are you playing bite face? we love that game.
    hugs from Texas!

  3. Can't wait to see your newest amigurumi ! :)

  4. We can't wait to see the photos and the patterns. Mom likes raw mushrooms, can't stand cooked ones. Weird, huh?


  5. hi puglette!
    i cannot wait to see what you make with your new patterns!
    how fun!
    your soup sounds delicious!
    m & e

  6. Hey There Little Puglette! Nice to meet you too! This is fun - you live in Wash. too! HOORAY! It was a pretty fall day today, wasn't it. I love the little crocheted birdies, and the cupcakes are adorable too. Great Job! Very, very cute.

    Have a fun day!
    Joan & Skippy

  7. That is a little face just made for kissin'!

  8. We love your birdies! Your Mum is very talented!

    Love, Dozer

  9. Aw, Charlie!
    Hope you have fun with your new patterns! The birds are super cute!
    Love Clover xo


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