October 1, 2008

Happy October

Hi everyone! I am so excited to see all of the people reading my blog! I am having so much fun getting to know everyone as I have been lurking for months. I guess I was studying all of your blogs to see if I could keep up and make it as fun as you all do. Nice to meet all of you!

So, fall is here, or on it's way. I am not a big fan of fall and winter here in the Pacific NW. It's just gray and wet for months. It is really lovely up here, very green and lots of beautiful shoreline. There is a lot of water up here in Western WA. I like it a lot. But I really love the sunshine. And with all the water coming down, there isn't much sun in these months.
I grew up near this.

I have been thinking a lot about the first stuffie I make. Do I want to make a large stuffie, small? Hand sewn or drag out the sewing machine? I can pretty much see it in my mind, the color and what fabric to use, but as you can tell, it's the actual making it I have to finish thinking about. I have been working up my courage to make free form stuffed toys for a while. I have lots of fabric just sitting and waiting for me. Lots of fleece and flannel.

I love this picture of Honey and Charlie. The girls. They look so cute, like real sisters. ;o) Charlie was young, about six months old. Honey is eight in this picture.

Hope you don't mind the rambly post...I tend to wander. I am also very bad with directions,


  1. Hi! Is that the pacific ocean? Nice! I grew up in Lima, PerĂº. You can barely see the sun during summer, of course in winter there is no sun at all! Most of the year it is very foggy and humid, the sky is gray, but there is no rain (it is a desert). What I like the most in Miami is the clouds and the different colors and forms they make in the sky. They almost look like objects. Oh and the picture of Honey and Charley absolutely reminds me of my relationship with my sister!

  2. Oh I love the rambling posts! please keep them coming and I hope you will put up some pictures of your little stuffies when they are ready. It looks like Honey and Charlie adore each other. Will you be dressing them up for Halloween?
    pughugs from Texas, Howie, Annie, Java and the Mom

  3. Love that picture of Honey & Charlie! Okay your letter will be "R" is that a good letter? If you don't like that letter use "P"! I can't wait to see your list!! You can make two list one for you Charlie & one for your Mommy!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. It looks beautiful where you live! It is always hot and humid and sticky where I live. Too hot to go out in my stroller.

  5. Cute dogs! And I love that bridge shot...reminds me of the Golden Gate, thought your neck of the woods is even prettier. I've lived on both coasts and have to say that the scenery along the Pacific is amazing. The Atlantic is not too bad either...now I'm confused...



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