October 2, 2008


Hubby's mom brought a homemade pear pie to me at my office today. The pears were from the tree in her yard. Hubby's lucky, I brought it home and shared it wih him. Yummm!
Thanks, Mom, it's delicious! We had ours with butter caramel pecan ice cream.


  1. Pears from a tree? Homemade pie? mmmmm! I haven't had a tasty pear for ages! I brought pears in the supermarket twice but they were VERY hard and NOT sweet. it tasted like cardboard!

  2. OHHHH Pie! My Mommy let me try some blackberry pie one time...it had alot of seeds but never the less I loved it!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. I have never heard of pear pie, but this sounds good. Is it like an apple pie or a cobbler?

  4. Where's our pie? Mom loves raspberries. She went over the Golden Gate Bridge and her brother lives in Hood River.
    We think you are doing a great job on your blog. Just be yourself, and then people will read. If you are not yourself, but forced or fake, everyone will know. (and not come back.)


  5. Hi Roxy, your pie is at our house..come on over! The Hood River area is beautiful!

    Norman, it's like apple pie, very yummy. And you are a good boy!

    Eduardo, the pie was just too yummy to share with the puppies ;o)

    Sandra, these pears were very small, but pretty tasty

  6. Hi PuglettePuggy - I JUST NOW got the Pie Memo at Puglette's House. Mommy is in big trubble, as you can imagine. So, anyhows, do you got any leftovers?
    *ties napkin around his neck*
    your good pal,
    Howard Pee


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