October 20, 2008

Here's a FunGuy

I finished my first mushroom from the patterns I purchased last week. This was really easy and fun. I am not sure what's next, I have a lot to choose from and I have a lot of scrap yarn. If you are interested in some nice amigurumi patterns please check out this shop on Etsy. Rosie's Bears and Bitty Critters has lots of cute patterns and Rosie is very nice and helpful. I received all the patterns plus an extra one within 24 hours.

I chose the light pink cap for the first mushroom because it's easier to see the stitches. ;o)

I received a swap gift in the mail today. This was for a Teddy Bear and Tea swap on Swap-bot. The teddy bear was crocheted. It is a very cute brown, suede feel yarn. I bought some of that suede yarn in a nice froggie green. So I know there will be frogs in the future. Well, everyone have a good night. Talk to you tomorrow!



  1. Looks like fun! I want to learn to crochet...


  2. Your mushroom looks really cool!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. How cute. Mom's favorite mushrooms are from Fantasia and The Nutcracker, when they dance. Silly, huh?


  4. Hi! your mushroom looks cute but the baby from the previous post is simply adorable!

  5. hi puglette!
    i LOVE your mushroom! i can tell how much fun you had making it. thanks for the great link! you are the best!
    m & e

  6. COOL mushrooms! Do you have any owl amigurumi ?

  7. I am passing an award to you. Check it out!


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