October 4, 2008

Meet Ollie!

I should tell you about our Ollie. He is a sweet puggy boy that has been with us since May. Ollie was a stray on the streets of Seattle for about two weeks before being turned in to the Seattle Animal Shelter. We had been talking about adopting another pug for awhile.

I was at work one day looking on Petfinder and I came across the cutest pug face staring at me. This pug was at a regular shelter, not a rescue group so I knew I had to act fast. I called and left a message saying we were really interested in the pug, his name was Tyson at the shelter. I also downloaded their adoption application and emailed it the same day.

I got a call from the shelter and had a nice chat with a shelter worker. We talked about pugs and their special needs and characters. All pug owners just love the snuffles and snorts, but some people don't appreciate the pugitude. :o) The shelter lady told me that she had several people interested in this boy and that someone was coming in to look at him that day. I thought our chance was gone but then she said she was glad I knew so much about pugs and that it sounded like we would be great parents for this puggy boy. I couldn't believe it! She asked how soon we could come to see him and to bring our other dogs.

I called hubby and we arranged for hubby to go by the shelter the next day. Seattle is about 40 miles from where I work and it would be kind of tough to talk my boss into getting the time off. Hubby drives a truck and is in and out of Seattle all day. He went to the shelter to meet the puggy and when he was done visiting he called me and told me the visit went well, the dog was very nice and really cute. He said I would have to wait until he came home from work to meet him. I was confused...were they going to stay open late so I could get to Seattle? Nope...the shelter lady I spoke to liked hubby and me and she let hubby take this sweet puggy with him!!! I was so excited!

So hubby drove around all afternoon with this pug as his passenger. By the time they got home from work Ollie had bonded with hubby. They are now fast friends. Ollie just adores hubby and wants nothing more than to sit on his lap and snuggle all night. Ollie sleeps right next to hubby too. Ollie loves me too but once dad gets home...well, I'm just second fiddle.
It took us about a week to name him Ollie. We just couldn't figure out a good name. I started to talk to him and call him all kinds of doggie names until one day I called out "Ollie" and he turned and looked at me. That was it, he is now Ollie or Ollie wog (like polliwog).

One thing that was kind of funny, we went to the Seattle Pug Rescue's PugMania just two days before I found Ollie on Petfinder. When I was talking to the shelter lady we started to talk about PugMania. When I told her that we had gone to this pug event, she asked me why we didn't talk to her about Ollie there. Apparently, she had him at PugMania and he was walking around with a white balloon floating over his back with "Adopt Me" printed on a sign. Hubby remembers seeing him, but I was just looking at all the pugs. PugMania is an annual event in Seattle that draws in lots of pug parents. It's a lot of fun to see all the pugs, some in costume. The Seattle Pug Rescue group also puts on Pug O Ween later this month. We will be there! Charlie has a spider for a costume and we're planning on Ollie's and Honey's costumes.
Thanks again for visiting! Hope you are all having a great weekend. Roxy, help your mom get her sewing room done so she can have fun planning all the lap robes. ;o)


  1. Ollie is so handsome!! Bless you for rescuing a Pug in need. I think those are the best kind to get.

  2. Olli is so cute. What great photos of him and hubby. Don't be upset that you are second fiddle when hubby comes home. Hubby needs love too!


    PS I am helping mom. Yesterday I helped myself to the garbage can while she was talking to a neighbor.

  3. ollie is adorable! he was meant to be with you! you saved him!
    your post and nice message today made us feel much better. thank you so much.
    m & e

  4. What a lovely story, Ollie was meant to be in your family.
    I adopted from a pug rescue this year. Rosie is getting on well with our older dog.
    They both love me but sometimes the way I get "dropped" at night when my husband comes home and Rosie velcros onto him is a bit much! LOL

  5. Hi there!
    We are really enjoying meeting your family.
    Daisy's story made us cry - thanks for being such wonderful people and for sharing your stories with us!
    Love Clover & Mom

  6. Ollie is such a handsome boy! I love the picture where he is helping your hubby "drive". Pugs have such personalities and his shines through in his pictures. How old is he?

  7. Hello Ollie! You're so adorable! Love that face.

  8. Ollie is so cute!! Lucky Ollie and Lucky you!



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