October 3, 2008


I'm pretty sad today. We made a tough decision about Super Ted. He is a really sweet boy but he has been getting really aggressive towards Ollie. Teddy wants to be the only boy in the house and he has been making it very apparent. He and Ollie have been marking the house and us...their fights are horrifying. Teddy will bite Ollie so hard, that we are afraid someone will get really hurt.

So, Hubby has taken Teddy to live with a nice family he knows through work. They are a nice couple with a small female dog just a bit older than Teddy. They have met Teddy and Hubby says they ask about him all of the time, the man just loves Teddy. So while I am really sad about not having Teddy around the house, I am glad that he will be living with people that already love him. Teddy is still a youngster, his first birthday is in two weeks. I feel that if we have to do something like this, it should be better with a puppy than with a senior dog.

I have never done this before, it's pretty hard. My eyes have been leaking all day and I really missed his greeting when I got home from work. :o(

***I had an update from Hubby, he met Teddy's new parents this evening. They were so excited to get Teddy they waited over an hour for hubby. The nice man told hubby that he was so excited about Teddy coming to live with them that he didn't get much sleep. This helps, knowing that he is already loved.


  1. oh what a hard day. poor baby, i am thinking of you.
    it really sounds like you made the best decision. It is wonderful that you found him a family that already loves him and that you know.
    i am sending you big hugs!

  2. It sounds like you have found the perfect family for Teddy - I know you will always miss him, but it is so awesome that you took the time to find such a good home for him. Sending you hugs and support from your pals in Texas!

  3. Oh, that is so sweet about the gentleman not sleeping because he was so excited to get Teddy. Decisions like this are always hard because you second guess yourself and then people gve you their opinions. You know what is best for you and it sounds like exactly the right thing. Teddy is with people who love him. That's what counts.



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