October 6, 2008

Here's Honey!

Or as we call her, HoneyPuppy. Honey is the oldest dog we have, she's going to turn ten this next January. Honey is a corgi / pomeranian mix. She was the cutest puppy ever. She was really tiny and was less than two pounds when we brought her home. She was so small, Hubby would put her inside his jacket pocket and we would take her everywhere until she started to get too big. She has the corgi chest and as a puppy she was top heavy. If she started to run too fast she would tip up, her little hind legs up in the air.

Honey was about six months old in this picture. We were at Cannon Beach, Oregon and Dear Daughter had dug a hole in the sand, we popped the puppy in and covered her up. I snapped the picture and Honey popped out of the sand. I won a photo contest with that picture. :o)

Honey was our first small dog. We had two big, outdoor dogs when we first brought Honey home. We had Juneau, an Alaskan Malamute and Pepper, an Australian Shepard mix. Both were big and furry and loved to stay outside. When we brought this tiny puppy home, I was afraid to let them see her. She could have been a tasty snack for either one. But I didn't need to worry. We opened the back door and Honey barked at the big dogs and told them she was in charge. It was so cute to see her boss around these two 80 pound dogs.

There's a picture of Pepper on the beach in Coos Bay, Oregon and Honey and Pepper in the car on the same vacation. I don't have any pictures of Juneau on the computer, he passed away before we had a digital camera. The beach trip was Pepper's last vacation. She passed away about a year after this trip.

Honey is now the cranky old lady in the house. She growls at the pugs and will growl at us too. She growls at night when you bump her in bed or if you make her move too many times. But she is still the cutest doggie and very sweet. She just loves to go for car rides and can tell when we get close to the dog park. She has to softest fur and was named Honey because of the honey color she was when she was a puppy. I love her very much.


  1. oh honey is such a sweetheart!
    it is so nice to meet her!
    alot of personality in that little body.

  2. You can tell that Honey is loved alot.

  3. Aww.. So cute! Bajas had trouble keeping his balance as a puppy, too! Especially when eating out of his food bowls he would tip up leaning in to get his food. LOL!''


  4. Honey, you are so cute and you look like you were ready for Howl-loween in that last picture...

  5. Nice to meet you, Honey! Her picture in the sand is very cute and funny.

  6. Oh, Honey looks very sweet!! Great picture in the sand! I like the last one a lot too.
    Thanks for your advice about my school situation, we really appreciate it!
    Love Clover xo


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