October 14, 2008

Little Birds

Hi Everyone!

I finished my latest amigurumi project. I found this pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website. They have a bunch of cute patterns that are free. I love free! Anyway, here are the two birds I made.

Yes, birds.

I made the orange one first. I think I will make an elephant next. I bought a big bag of yarn at the Goodwill store and there is a nice gray skein.

Here's a couple of nosy pugs to look at...Ollie is trying to give Daddy the death ray eyes for getting up and making him stand on his own. Ollie is a snuggle pug. Charlie is just looking for the party. Hugs, Puglette :o)


  1. hi puglette!
    oh i love the birdies! your mom did an amazing job! isn't the lion brand site wonderful!
    i love all of their free patterns!
    ollie and charlie are so cute!
    m & e

  2. Birds came out nice and cute! I can't wait to see the elephant!

  3. The birds are very cute (but of course the pugs are even cuter).


  4. Hi Puglette, we love your little birds and we love your little puggies, too. hugs from texas...

  5. Hooray! Love the amigurumi!

    I just watched Baby Mama, too. It was actually my fiances choice. He just has a crush on Tina Fey, though. *laugh*

    We used to play WoW....but now we've changed to a new form of crack....Tell your husband to buy WARHAMMER! :) My fiance and I play it together allll the time. It would be fun to play with another couple...!

  6. What cute birds! What cute pugs! Happy day!


  7. Hi Pugs!

    We looked back on your posts and found the one with Cahrlies agility ribbons. We do agility too and even have ribbons too!

    (well except for Nikki and Meeko but neither of them is too worried about it)

    Woofs Casper, Buddy, Nikki ana Meeko

  8. Those birdies are very cute! Rosie would destroy them here!!! Cute puggy expressions!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself!

  9. Those little birds are cute! They look happy. I think an elephant would be very hard to make!


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