October 24, 2008

We Are Not Amused

Bath time...do the dogs enjoy their bath time as much as I enjoy their bath time?
I think not.

Oh puppy bath time. What funny dogs. The pugs had their bath last night and Honey had hers the night before. They don't really enjoy the bath, but none of them really fights. The just get a priceless look of resignation. Like the disappointed rabbits.
We are looking forward to the weekend. The Seattle area Pug O Ween is this Sunday afternoon. We have Charlie's costume set but we need to shop for Ollie's. Goodwill, here we come! After the pug party we are going out to dinner. Hubby won a gift certificate to a nice restaurant on a radio program about a month ago. The restaurant is in Seattle near the party. We are excited! There will be photographic evidence.
I am crocheting a hedgehog for a swap I am working on. It should be pretty cute, I have its ears and legs ready. Do any of you swap? I have just started and have been having some fun. I got too excited at first and spent money I shouldn't have but now it will be only light, handmade items.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you on the interwebs!


  1. oh what great pictures!
    emmitt doesn't like his baths either but he get all excited when we dry him off with the big fluffy towel. :)
    your hedgehog sounds wonderful. i am so gald you are enjoying yoru crocheting so much! that makes me smile!

  2. Such cute pictures!!! I recognize the disappointed faces.. LOL!


  3. I have never had a bath in my entire life. It does not look too fun.

  4. Those are great pictures. Our siberian husky mix doesn't like baths either...however...Skippy our Pug LOVES them. She practically falls asleep - it is so cute! Can't wait to see the hedgehog. We will be at pugoween, too. Maybe, we'll see you there. How do the swaps work? Please let me know via my contact form @ my site: (lindenlinedesigns). I LOVE your mushrooms and little birds.

    Have a fun day!
    Joan & Skippy

  5. They may not be amused, but I am! What adorable expressions.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes for Daisy! The costume contest was a rainy mess but we managed to win "best little dog"! Pics will be up in the next five minutes. :) Can't wait to see the costumes for Charlie and Ollie!

  6. I hate baths. HATE HATE HATE them. Lucky puts up with them. Thing is, I know I will be getting one soon. Mom was supposed to do it when it was warmer out, so I wouldn't get cold, but I know her. SHe hasn't given up the thought of one.
    Great photos.


  7. I think Pepe might be due a bath, especially as her grandparents will be coming to meet her for the first time next weekend! I also got some earwash and puppy toothpaste & brush today at the Pet Supermarket. She'll be as pretty as a picture for them :)

  8. Adorable photos! Charlie is such a cutie!


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