October 4, 2008


Hi everyone,

I am feeling better today about the decision we made to re-home Teddy. I had a chance to talk with the nice man that is now Teddy's dad this morning. He said Teddy settled in really well with them and their other dog. She is a pom / cocker mix and that sounds really cute to me! He said Teddy slept in their bed with them and the other doggie, he loves that. They also gave him canned dog food with kibbles this morning for breakfast, Teddy will love being spoiled. All in all, it sounds like a match made in heaven. Even though I am still sad and will miss Teddy, I think he is in a great home and it will be a forever home.

So I have talked Hubby into taking me out to lunch and a stop at a crafty store for stuffie fluff. I have to get that stuffie out of my head and into my hands. That way I can make more in my head...and keep sewing them.

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  1. We are glad that Teddy is settling in so well.



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