December 13, 2008

I Won, I Won, I Won!!

Hi everyone!

I have had a few exciting days this past week. Remember the blog giveaway I was participating in? The giveaway was sponsored by Sweet Figments. I won two of the prizes!

I won these beautiful earrings from Chendric, I just love them! They are really beautiful and handmade! Thanks, Cheryl :o)

I took this picture in daughter's old bedroom. The two nails were already there, I am not sure why she had two nails so close together, but it was handy!

My second prize from the same giveaway is a burp cloth from Snug Bug Clothing. I am happy to win this prize, it will make a lovely gift for one of our nephews. He and his girlfriend are expecting their first child in March. Thanks Snug Bug!

I also recently entered in a drawing on a cute blog, Pterodactyl Pants. This is a blog of cute, fanciful handmade plush items by Jessie Mansbacher. For this drawing you had to write a haiku about the plush she was giving away. Here is my prize and my haiku.

With a simple kiss,

two becomes one. One in love

is lonely no more.

I finished the fingerless gloves for a Christmas gift. They came out really nicely and were fun to make. I have to redo one of the thumbs, it's a little big. I got over confident and did not look at the instructions for the second glove. It's a separate section so it will be easy to redo it. I am working on a coordinating scarf now, it's really cute! The scarf is curling as I go, it makes a really fun look.

I need to get back to crocheting...more gifts yet to make! The weather has turned wintry across our country and I hope you are warm and safe in your homes.





  1. hi puglette!
    congratulations! i love all of your wins and your mittens are wonderful!
    stay warm!
    m & e

  2. Whoa! You got some awesome prizes!

  3. what fabulous stuff!! I love those earrings - they are exactly my style/colors. And the fingerless gloves are GREAT!


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