December 14, 2008

Snow Day

Hi everyone!
We had a little snow overnight! Just a light dusting, enough to make everything pretty. We don't get much snow in our area so it is always a big deal on the local news. It's pretty funny how the news people go overboard in reporting the "major winter storm" we are having. It is pretty cold. 29 degrees, but nothing like other parts of the US have every winter.

I moved to Washington state from California in 1988...time flies! My first winter, 1989, it snowed about three feet. I had never seen so much snow in my life! I was staying with my sister and had to drive to work. I had zero experience in snow driving. I gamely got in my little Subaru station wagon and slowly drove to work. I was amazed at how much snow there was, it came up to the top of my wheels. I just followed the ruts made by other drivers and slowly made my way to the office. I was one of very few workers that day.

Since then we have not had much snow at all. The most was about six inches. I know how to drive a bit better in the snow, but I prefer not to drive in it. Hubby is quite the opposite, he loves the snow and ice!

I took a few pictures of the puppies outside this morning. Ollie didn't want anything to do with the snow or cold outside. He ran out, did his business and went back inside with dad.

Honeypuppy sniffing the snow.

Frost on my pumpkin!

The view from my front porch, see, just enough to make it pretty.

Charlie, I interrupted her hoovering up the snow. She was so cute, just snuffling it up as she walked across the deck.

My adventure in the outdoors is over, now back to snuggling with the puppies and more crochet!

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  1. Congrats on all your prizes! You won a lot! And it's so nice with a little snow. Bajas loves it, too!



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