December 1, 2008

Favorite Photos Part 2

Hi everyone!
Well, this is my first day as an unemployed woman. I just stayed home with the puppies. My former employer called and has asked me to do some contract loan processing. That will help financially and still give me some time to look for work.

Since I stayed home today I was watching my screensaver. It is a photo screensaver and goes through all of my photos on my computer. I love it because it shows pictures I may have forgotten and it always makes me smile. It even plays the videos. :o)

Here's Honey Puppy on a road trip. This was a fun trip to see my family. Hubby and I rented a plush car, a big Lincoln, and drove to California. We picked up his mom at her sister's house, Auntie Marilyn, and drove over to San Francisco and then up the coast of California and Oregon. We had a blast! I love this picture because Honey is smiling at me.
This is a picture of dear daughter on her 21st birthday. We took her to Las Vegas to celebrate. She took our camera and started taking pictures of the hotel and our room. She started in the bathroom of our hotel room because it had a lot of mirrors. You could set the mirrors up like on "What Not to Wear", you know, so you could see all angles. Eek!!
That was a pretty fun trip even though it was roasting hot...110 and above. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and we saw a lot of music memorabilia. Daughter was pretty silly, she got tipsy and went to the Chippendale's Dancers by herself. You know, the semi naked men...she even had her picture taken with them. She was very funny when she came out of the show, she ran up to her dad all excited "Daddy, look I had my picture taken and one of them squeezed my boob!" I am sure it was one of her daddy's proudest moments. ;o)
The next day I sent daughter and hubby to the Richard Petty Driving School. They each got to drive a racecar around the track of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Hubby really likes cars and racing them.

Just lovely photo of the cable cars in San Francisco.

This is an elk in Yellowstone Park. We were in a little tourist area with shops and restaurants and this huge male elk strolled into the town. He made himself at home and rubbed his antlers in the grass and munched the shrubbery. The park ranger came by to protect the elk from the crowd of people that had gathered. As we were leaving the area we saw that a whole herd of elk had come to town to munch.

Sweet little Daisy on the first day we got her. She was with us on the Yellowstone trip.

Here is daughter pointing out dinosaur footprints in Wyoming. They were really hard to see!

And of course, some cute baby Charlie pictures!! She was such a cute little baby. Look at that fat little puppy belly!!

She is such a ham! She still likes to be the center of attention. I just love the little smiley pug faces.

Here's hubby with his new baby girl. He just loves that little puggy.
I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane with me. Thanks for visiting!


  1. hi puglette!
    have a wonderful day with the puppies! you sure started my day off with a smile with all of your wonderful photos. thank you for sharing them.
    m & e

  2. I really enjoyed all of your pictures! I was laughing outloud at your daughter getting tipsy and going to see the chip-n-dales by herself! Sounds like something I would do! :)

    I am always touched by my old photos, too. They remind me of times passed, and how lucky I am!

  3. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! You have a lovely family. When I first saw the Elk picture I thought that it wasn't real, but it was! how exciting to be able to be so close to an elk. The last time I went to Canada I spent the whole week looking for a moose but only saw a shadow, while we were driving. I am not even sure that it really was a moose...
    Oh and Daisy was such a beautiful girl. It touches my heart when I remember her story :_(

  4. We liove your trips down memory lane. They are a lot of fun. We are glad your mom can do some contract work and she will have some income while she looks for a job.


  5. Hi Puglette - great pictures and stories - thanks for sharing!

    Yes - absolutely, I will post the recipe for the "Christmas morning casserole" ASAP. It's a casserole you assemble the night before, then just stick in the oven when you wake up Christmas morning - it will be all baked and ready to go right about the time the kiddies are finished tearing the paper off the presents. It is teary eyed goodness.
    Have a great day!

  6. Oh so very cute little black puggies!



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