December 14, 2008

More Snow!

Hi everyone!

Here are more snowy pictures. I took the first pictures at 11:00 this morning. These are from about 3:00 this afternoon and it is still snowing. It is very pretty, but hubby has to go out tonight to pick his mom up at the Sea-Tac airport. I hope the roads are clear later on...I know he will be a safe driver and he will be in his four wheel drive SUV.

Charlie seems to love the snow!

Honey likes it too!

Ollie...not so much.

Here's another photo from the front porch...more snow!



  1. hi puglette!
    how fun!
    we have snow and very cold temps today too.
    emmitt prefers to be warm and dry inside.:)
    m & e

  2. Your snow (and doggies) are pretty! We don't get much snow here in Oklahoma, either. When we get an inch of snow, schools close and people act like it's a blizzard! It's kind of funny!

  3. Snow on the doggies looks so cute! It is a little bit harder to get in the holiday spirit with temps in the mid 70s and green palm trees outside.

  4. Those are great photos of the snow. Mom would much rather have had snow than the ice storm we got. Mom thinks those earrings you won are very, very pretty.


  5. Pawesome pictures! I love snow!!!
    Love Clover xo

  6. Such great pics! Is honey a chihuahua pug mix? She looks a little like our Ickis!

  7. Have I mentioned how much I love Ollie? I love how he's standing there, sort of testing out the situation with a worried expression. Oh, OLLIE!

  8. what fun, wish I could join in! I love snow and cold weather!


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