December 21, 2008


Hi everyone!

It is still snowing up here! I can't believe it, this is the most snow we have had in a long time. Last night we had a little mist of freezing rain so there is a crunchy crust on the snow today. The puppies are not too happy about the crunch when they walk.

Ollie does not like the snow at all! He came out the dog door and made a quick circle on the deck before going back inside to snuggle with dad.

I finished the latest Christmas crochet project and it is beautiful! I will share pictures after the holiday. I think this is my favorite.

Have a warm and snugly Sunday!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for linking to Laughing Purple Goldfish. H-Mom is making a scarf for the teen-human ... not for warmth, just for FASHION! we are sending you some Florida sunshine, which may be just what it takes to melt away that crunching snow top.

  2. It has been snowing here since Friday. It is supposed to stop tomorrow morning and then snow again on Wednesday. Oh joy!I am NOT going out in this!


  3. It is so hard to imagine that kind of snow and cold when it is 80 degrees here! I wish I lived where it was snowy because it seems to festive and holiday-ish. I am a cat who would love to snuggle into a soft blankie!

    Stay warm and cozy!

  4. H-mom- please show us the scarf when you finish!

    Roxy- i am sure our snow is nothing compared to yours, you be careful out there!!

    Daisy- 80 degrees sounds wonderful!

    Thank you for visiting!

  5. I'd love a little snow for Christmas.. But we'll be right down at the coast, so it's not very likely. We hope you have a great Sunday!

    Ane & boyz

  6. hi puglette!
    oh snow + doggies are my favorite pictures!
    how fun!
    i cannot wait to see what you made!

  7. The snow looks SO SO fun! Here is it just COLD, with no fun fluffly stuff! :(


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