December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday today! We did! We had dinner with local family and talked to out of state family. We had a delicious turkey dinner at my sister in law's beautiful home. It was wonderful evening with family and friends.

I can show you the recently finished gifts I made. Plus there's big news!

Here is the hippo I made for our niece. She's such a sweet girl and loves hippos. This turned out larger than I anticipated. The hippo is about 10 inches or so from nose to tail. It's kind of tippy, it's nose weighs it down. I had a last minute dash to the craft store yesterday to get more yarn. Yikes...that was crazy, so many people and so much ice and slush still in the parking lots..

Here is the scarflette I made for my mother in law. This is beautiful yarn. I love the color mix and the way the colors are spread out in the scarf. This look great on mom! This is a short scarf, it wraps around your neck and you can pin it or button it. I sewed buttons on this one, the weave is loose enough to button anywhere.

Hubby and I received many wonderful gifts. We have scarves, napkins and some dishes from Indonesia and Mexico, tools and doggie treats. We even got hand crocheted blanket! A very fun evening for all. :o)'s the big news...

Dear daughter got engaged! Her sweet boyfriend bought her a beautiful ring and asked her to marry him on Christmas Eve! We are thrilled for dear daughter and her dear fiance! :o) :o)

From all of us at the wild and wooly Puglette house we wish you the very best for the holidays and the New Year. May we all find peace and contentment.



And some silly pugs pretending they didn't get caught scratching and wrestling in mom's chair.


  1. Hi Puglette! Fun blog! I'm glad you wandered in Many Dogs via Mrs. Goldfish. Where did you get the pattern for the scarflette? I'd like to try that. I have a new pin that would be really pretty as a closure for it. Love the yarns.

    Your puggies MADE MY DAY here. I'm in Nashville, and my sister from Fargo is visiting this week. Your fotos made me wonder just how far up in the plains you live...?! Liz

  2. hi puglette!
    oh how exciting! what wonderful news and your gifts are amazing! i especially love the hippo!

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. And congratulations to your daughter!

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  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. Congrats on dear daughter's engagement. What a wonderful gift of a son in law. Mom thinks the hippo is adorable. As well as the two pugs snuggled up together on the chair.


  7. OMG We are so excited for your Dear Daughter and her new fiance! What an exciting time for you all! We are getting caught up on all of your Christmas fun, it looks like you had a great holiday!


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