December 6, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and happy. We are just enjoying a quiet weekend at home with the doggies. Right now I have Honey Puppy on my lap while hubby has two snuggly pugs..

I am still working on my Christmas crochet projects. I have been having so much fun crocheting! I am so glad I finally learned this craft. I really enjoy crafts and working with my hands.

Tonight will be movie night, we have the most recent Harry Potter movie waiting for the DVD player. We watched Juno a few nights ago. I really enjoyed it, the conversations between the teenagers and their families were pretty good.

I am going to snag another MeMe I have seen floating around...the Sixth Photo MeMe.

This photo is from my sixth photo folder, the sixth photo. This is my sister-in-law. The photo was taken on June 30, 2006. We had an impromptu baby shower for her at a Round Table Pizza restaurant. This is Abby and Zach's mom! She is a great woman and quite the inspiration. She is a teacher, mom, loving wife, sister, daughter and one of the best sister-in-law's you could ask for. She is hubby's youngest sibling.

Ok...gotta get back to the projects! Take care.





  1. hi puglette!
    i am so glad you are having such a nice weekend!
    i am crocheting too. how fun.


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