October 26, 2008

Pug-O-Ween Party

Hi Everyone!

Hubby and I took Ollie and Charlie to the Seattle Pug Rescue's Pug-O-Ween this afternoon. We had a lot of fun. There were so many cute pugs in costumes and without. Pugs are so fun in groups! So much snorfling and heavy breathing. :o)We had been talking about Charlie's costume for several months but poor Ollie got the last minute costume. Ollie wore a cute pumpkin t-shirt, we put it on backwards, so the design was on his back Charlie was a spider-pug. She looked so cute. I bought a stuffed spider decoration at a thrift store. Hubby ran plastic headband through holes in the body and we covered it with a stretchy sock I sewed the sock ends together so it made a belly band with a soft grip. We put her in a black harness and fastened it over the spider. Awesome! Charlie loves her costume. She stood nearby while we worked on it and stood still while we tried it on several times. Ollie didn't seem to mind his shirt, but next time I will sew it up out of the way of the quick draw piddler. By the end of the party his shirt was a bit damp. ;o)
Hubby will be making a spider-pug movie for me soon. These are some of the best photos, it's hard to get a clear photo of wiggly pugs. They are all sniffing and spinning around each other. In the film you will be able to see Charlie work the room. She was very funny, running all around the room visiting people. The party was in a gym and the people had formed a circle around the edges of the gym. Charlie would run in the middle just out of reach, people stretching out to pet her. She was very popular, you could hear people call "spider-pug, spider-pug" as she ran around. It was so much fun!!

On one of her rounds, Charlie stopped by to see the head judge in the costume contest. Charlie won one of the contest prizes. It's a cute little bucket with some treats and toys.

We also got to meet a fellow blogger! We met Joan of Peace Love and Pugs at the party. Joan had a table of beautiful collars and accessories. It was a pleasure to meet Joan. We have been exchanging comments and such. I enjoy Joan's blog and her collars and especially the cute shirt collar and ties are a lot of fun to look at. I think Ollie needs a formal collar soon. It's always fun to meet people you know from the internet. I hope we can do more of it someday.
I hope you all had a nice weekend! :o)


  1. That costume is awesome! Glad y'all had fun!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. What a lovely day - lots of fun and pugs and its helping the rescue too! Perfect.
    Now to that spider! I am not surprised you won a prize - cute and yet creepy at the same time! Bravo!!!!!!

  3. DITTO! DITTO! We enjoyed meeting you guys, too!!!!!Charlie's costume was AWESOME. It was SO cute watching her prance around! You could tell she enjoyed wearing it, too. We were so happy to see she won a prize! I agree it is always fun to meet our cyberpals in person - especially our PUG cyberpals!!!

    Pug Hugs!
    Joan & Skippy

  4. That is the cutest spider ever!!! Glad you had a great time!


  5. hi puglette!
    charlie and ollie look great!
    i love the costumes and all of the pictures!
    joan and skippy are the best. emmitt has one of her collar/tie creations and we just love it! it will be featured on my blog this friday.
    we are so glad you had so much fun!
    melissa & emmitt

  6. The Spider-Pug outfit is awesome! And I think Ollie's pumpkin shirt is very cute, too.

  7. Spider pug!!! So cute! What an adorable costume. I think I'd be singing that Homer Simpsons song all day, though. Dagnabbit, now it's in my head.

  8. Charlie's costume is awesome. Except mom hates bugs. But anyway... We are glad you had a fun time. Ollie looked very cute in his pumpkin shirt.


  9. I think you better enter the contest we're having on our blog! Check it out!

  10. So so cute! Spider pug, hahah reminds me of the Simpson's movie.

  11. OMdog! I love the Spider Pug costume! It is great!!!!

    I agree...I keep thinking of Spider Pig from the Simpson's movie.

  12. That looked like a really fun party!
    You were adorable!


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