March 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone!

just a quick note to say hi and let you know that we have another new addition out family!!

Our nephew and his beautiful girlfriend had a baby boy this morning. We are very happy to welcome this new bundle of joy to our family. Welcome to Anthony, Jr!

We are going to have a nice quiet weekend, no doggie agility. We may get in the car and go to the ocean. We are expecting a storm with wind and rain this weekend and there is nothing better than watching them come in over the ocean. We will have pictures to share, of course,

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Spend time with your loved ones and tell them that you love them!


  1. Hi
    Its me Tweedles
    Your goin to the ocean! Yippy- hey maybe you will see Star and Puff! We all leave April 3 to go to the ocean. Maybe you will still be there? Hey leave me a message somewhere- I will look for it. Have a good time. Be safe and congrat on the new member to the family.

  2. Congratulations on the addition to your family! Welcome to the world, little Anthony, Jr.

    ps: Harley wanted to tell you that he only hates wrinkles in sheets. He loves wrinkles on pugs :)

  3. I loved seeing the photo's of your last weekend trip, so can't wait to see these.
    Congrats on the newest member of your family.

  4. Congrats on the new baby boy! Waiting for the photos from the beach!

  5. Oh I am so sad that your family could not make to the coast after all! That is a big disappointment I know. I got to thinking about what you said- in spending time with the ones you love and tell them you love them. How true the words. Things can happen in a heart beat- one way or another- and life and happyness is just too short. I am trying to find joy in everyday and cherish the moments we have together. Thank you for reminding me.
    I will show you the coast through my eyes my friend. No worries.
    love to you and those you love

  6. Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family!


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