March 14, 2009

Top Dog Agility Trials

Overheard backstage at the Top Dog Agility Trial-
Dad, can I run? Is it my turn?
You have to wait your turn, Charlie.
Fine. whatever
Charlie, what are you doing? Settle down.

What? I'm dancing!

Minions! Fetch me some water and chicken broth.

(~She's such a diva~)
Charlie, don't be such a brat.

What? Can't I have some broth? Oh...don't call them minions...ok.

But I got all of these ribbons for you...shouldn't I get a present?

Charlie did really well today! We are so proud of her! Thanks, grandma for all of the wonderful ribbons! Charlie's ribbons are on the right, Archie and Annie have that huge stack of First Place ribbons on the left.

Charlie is spending the weekend with grandma so she can participate in agility all weekend. Hubby and I spent this afternoon at the trials and may go tomorrow. Charlie and the other dogs are so much fun to watch. The border collies get so excited they bark and bark through their run. I will have to tell you that I miss my Charlie very much. She sleeps on my pillow and no matter how much I may grumble about it, I miss that little kicking and snoring puppy.

Since it's just the four of us at home, Honey and Ollie have been enjoying the extra attention. Charlie really can act like a little diva! Anyway...last night I had a small bowl of beans with dinner. I set the bowl down so the two puppies could clean up for me. Ollie and Honey licked it clean, indeed.

I forgot about the bowl for a few minutes and was reminded that I should have picked it up when around the corner comes Ollie with the bowl up over his snout. Or where his snout would be if he had one. It was flapping up over his eyes, he was biting the opposite edge of the bowl. We started chuckling about how cute he was, so silly, when bonk! he walked right into my foot! I sit with one leg tucked up most of the time...he smacked into the sole of my foot! I almost spewed chocolate milk! Pugs...they are such little clowns!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

talk to you soon!





  1. hi puglette!
    oh how exciting! what a wonderful post!
    congratulations charlie! i love all of the pictures and commentary!


  2. I would have loved to have seen Ollie with the bowl over his snout! What a silly!

    It's so obvious how much Charlie loves doing agility, she looks so full of joy.

  3. Mom agrees with you about missing us when we are not there, even if she sometimes complains about us.
    Way to go Charlie!


  4. My sweet little Charlie- your a champ - thank you for sharring- your such a good sport. Way to manuever!


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