March 24, 2009

Signs of Spring and I Buy Tomato Trees So You Don't Have To

Hi everyone!

Signs of spring are finally popping up around our yard. I am so happy to see any of the bulbs bloom. About three years ago we bulldozed our yard and built a fence and a big deck. The dirt was shoved all around and my flower bulbs with it. The flowers show up all over the yard now. Every spring it is a surprise to see where my flowers grow. These daffodils popped up near the driveway. I have about three nice sized clumps of daffodils. We had one little crocus show up in the middle of the driveway. Hubby and I were really careful not to run it over, but one of the workmen next door (the house that burned down) drove over my poor crocus.

Crazy puppy dogs wondering what I am doing on the wrong side of the gate.

Here is our outside kitty. We think it's a girl, she adopted us about five years ago. She started hanging around the back door and was eating our other kitty's food. When we built the deck she moved to the front of the house and that is where she stays. When she first started hanging around, Hubby said I couldn't give her a name because we couldn't have anymore cats. We already had four ;o). We would always talk about "the other kitty", meaning the one outside. Well over the years, that has become her name...we call Other Kitty and she comes running. We still have one of our original four, but she hangs out in the laundry room or outside.

I was watching TV last week and I saw an ad for Giant Tree Tomatoes. I love home grown tomatoes. They are so much better than the grocery store ones. We have been talking about a small vegetable garden this year and the thought of Giant Tree Tomatoes...well, I couldn't resist! I mean the tomatoes in the ad were absolutely huge! Giant! As big as a man's hand...too big to fit on screen!

I was hooked. I had to have them. So I went online and ordered my very own Giant Tree Tomatoes.

Well imagine my amazement when they arrived yesterday and I saw the huge package waiting for me! I was so excited to see my new plants! Here they are...

Not exactly giants yet. I am actually kind of glad they are just seeds. I can start them in the house and move them outside when the weather finally warms up. We usually have to wait until May to plant tomatoes. I will also be growing some zucchini and patty pan squash when the weather gets warm. Oh, those are five inch scissors, I used them to show you how small the tomato containers were.

What do you have planned for your garden? Do you grows veggies? Do you grow flowers?

We are almost at midweek. Can you see that weekend out there??



  1. I love the Other Kitty! I love black/white tuxedo cats! What am I saying, I love cats! I will be curious to see how the giant tomato tree does. I would love to have a garden but the dogs would destroy it no sooner than I got it planted. They tear up everything, I used to have grass in the backyard, now it's just dirt!

  2. yay for tomatoes!!! I have a cherry tomato plant, but I'm not sure it survived the winter - I'll be amazed if it sprouts again this summer.
    This past weekend I worked on my tiny little herb garden planting some parsley and replanting some basil. I've also got chives, rosemary, oregano and sage. I love using fresh herbs - they have so much more flavor than store bought or dried.

  3. I hope your Giant Tree Tomatoes grow to be really giant.

    What a fun surprise to see where your bulbs will pop up now! I wish we could grow bulbs where I live.

  4. There's nothing quite like a fresh from the garden, home grown tomato. Sliced, with salt and pepper. Or maybe on some gooey white bread with a little mayo. Or layered with some kind of Italian cheese with basil and a little olive oil and vinegar?
    Bye - I'm going out to the kitchen to see if we have any tomato's!

  5. Ooo, someone who really bought them! I have always wondered if they were so big, would they have any taste? I am going to try the upside down hanging tomatoes this year. I will keep you posted.


  6. Oh, I love growing tomatoes. I grow other veggies too (green onions, lettuce, snap peas, zucchini) but tomatoes seem to do the best. And there is NOTHING better than going out to your yard and picking a tomato. And then eating it. I love that you've got bulbs blooming all over your yard. They will pop up no matter what!

    (And don't tell Ollie, but I secretly love Other Cat.)

  7. YEAH FOR SPRING!!! I thought spring was never going to get here:(

    I hope your tomatoe tree grow lots of tomatoes for you!! I LOVE to eat tomatoes:) My mom says she has a brown thumb, so she doesn't try to grow a garden.


  8. Hi Puglette
    we hope you giant tomatoe tree does wonders! In a fre months my mama and I will plant some beans, and tomatoes- (boys and girl tomatoe plants, acorn squash, onions, green pepers, potatoes, ummmmm what else,,,,,zuchiny squash,
    usually we but a tomatoe plant with a blossom on it to give it a head start. we ordered a huge grape plant last year and it came in a huge box.
    well it was a twig and it died!
    have fun
    tweedles computer is making mom and me mad tonight, it is havin fits

  9. Your Other Kitty looks like my Kitty! Scroll down my blog to see her!! The eyes are different but they could be dogs are adorable.


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