March 5, 2009

Pugs + Haiku = Pugku!

Hi everyone!

Yay! It's almost the weekend!

I have been having fun with Haiku! It is a quick and fun way to write poetry. It's super easy - three lines, five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. That's it! You wrote a poem!

I love the stuffed creatures that Jessie at Pterodactyl Pants makes. They are oddly cute and always fun. Every creature has a haiku. Sometimes she even has giveaways where you leave a haiku in the comments. In fact there is one going on now! Here is the one I just left for Jessie, I was inspired by her fish bones stuffie.

Delectable fish!
Your filets are so tasty,
with lemon and wine.

So here's my Fun Friday idea...please leave a Pugku in the comments! We can all read and share the fun little poems. Everyone can do this, just a few words is all you need! Here's a sample to get you started.
Charlie is a pug.
A silly little black pug.
What a funny bug!

Tan and black, Ollie
always looks so sad. Ollie
turn your frown around!

Happy Friday! I will try to get a lot of dog show pictures over the weekend.
Hugs to everyone!! Whee!! They're free!!


  1. This sounds fun! Here is mine:

    While treats are yummy
    And fill my tummy all up
    I prefer kisses

  2. Please don't wake me up.
    In my dreams I am bounding
    Through fields of dog food!

  3. Pearl is a stinker.
    Farting all day and all night.
    Somehow, I don't mind.


  4. what awesome pugku's!!!
    thanks everyone!

  5. Buggy brown pug eyes
    Gentle stare of liquid love
    Funny crinkled nose

  6. Yes, I want to play

    My toes are cold,
    and so it goes,
    I have "no nose"
    But I have a Heart of Gold!

  7. Hey cool blog
    would you like to follow each others blogs???
    You seem like a pawsome day and i hope we can become best friends forever!!!
    Travis The Dog!!!

  8. Pugku! I love it.

    Ollie, you're the pug
    I'd hug, if only I could

    Charlie Pug, I love
    you too. Don't feel left out, please.
    I'd hug you both: HARD!

  9. this was so fun to read! I am not very creative with this... i'll think about something and come back later!

  10. Oops, snap!, I'll need to think about this and come back later; but what a great & creative idea for a post!


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