March 9, 2009

AKC Agility - The Big Show

Hi everyone!

Wow! What a busy weekend! We spent all weekend at the Seattle Kennel Club dog show. There were so many people and dogs! So many cute dogs, and so many breeds I had never seen before. We had a lot of fun, even though they were long days.

This show was huge! There were dogs being shown all day with the winners at the end of the day. We hung out with the pugs on the first day. They were just adorable. So many wrinkles and curly tail and sparkling puggy eyes. We even got to hold some puppies!

The main floor had about a dozen show rings and the huge agility ring. They also had dog dancing and rally. Also on the main floor were 70 vendors selling all sorts of premium dog food, collars and leashes, toys and beds.

The upper level had booths set up with different dog breeds and information about them. That was my favorite area. It was a meet and greet with dogs! So many nice dogs...I wanted to hug and kiss them all. I loved the big dogs, the newfies and the Bernese mountain dogs. They were so adorable, just like big teddy bears.

Charlie was so good!! She just trots along on her leash, sniffing a bit but mostly just hanging out with us. She doesn't bat an eye at all the strangers and other dogs. Everyone just loved her. She was a very popular girl. People would stop us to pet her and take her picture. She had a cheering section for every agility run made up of people we had met and let them pet Charlie.

The agility trial was very fun. There were so many fabulous dogs running on both days of the show. Charlie did really well. She was fast and paid attention. She did not get any qualifying ribbons but she did so well we are sure it is just a matter of time before she moves up. She didn't want to do all the weave poles on one run and she knocked the bars off a few jumps. But she is so much better with getting her leash on at the end.

At most of the agility trials there aren't many spectators. Usually it's just the other dog owners hanging around watching. This was a huge public show and people paid $10.00 to walk around and watch the dogs. The agility drew a huge crowd. We were so happy with Charlie, the big crowd did not bother her at all. A few of the dogs went to see all the people, but not our Charlie!

Our niece came out to help her grandma on Sunday. Here she is with Charlie...isn't she a beautiful girl? She's a lovely teenager and we just loved having the day to spend with her.

Here is a little movie that hubby made. It is a blend of photos and snippets of the videos we took. I hope he will work on more movies so you can see Charlie's complete run.

Have a good evening!





  1. ooohhh.... That is a lot of dog butts to sniff...You look really happy!

  2. Way to go Charlie!!!

    It looks like you had a PUGTASTIC weekend!! It is always fun to spend time with your family:)

    Have a PAWSOME week!!!

  3. Way to go Charlie. I don't think I would want to do that in front of all those people.


  4. Charlie, you look so proud and focused out there! We get excited hearing about your events and you just look so happy. Your a champ and we say GO CHARLIE GO!
    Thanks for sharring all the pics and you are soooo cute

  5. Charlie is just about the cutest thing I've laid eyes on!!!


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