March 1, 2009

Awards and Certificates!

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a pleasant weekend! Just another quiet Sunday at the puglette household. On Saturday we did some shopping, had dinner with our daughter and Charlie did some agility.

Charlie had an agility trial on Saturday and we apparently missed the boat on this one. Hubby and I didn't notice the schedule and had planned our dinner and shopping day...well, I planned it. Charlie's grandma was nice and took Charlie with her doggies to the show. We heard later that Charlie was not in the mood to weave. She plunked her little bottom down and watched as her grandma tried to coax her through the weave poles.

Our shopping trip was a bit stressful. We went looking at orthotics and shoes to help my hip and back pain. Geesh, it is so hard for me to buy shoes! I love shoes, I would love nothing better than to be able to just wear any kind of shoe I thought was cute...but nooo. I have bad feet and have to have ankle support and arch support. That just does not scream "cute shoes" in my head. >:o(

I did get some schmancy inserts and sport shoes. I am not a tennis shoe girl, I prefer a nice casual mary jane. But I couldn't find anything that met the cute and supportive criteria so I bought some green tennis shoes. They do make my hip feel better and my pinched nerve pain has lessened so I will get comfortable with them.

OK! Now on to the good stuff! I received an award from my new friend Tweedles! She sent us the Honest Award because she likes us! Thank you Tweedles!! We like you too!

And we received Charlie's Certificate from winning the Sporty Group in Mango-Minster! This certificate is just beautiful! We love it so much, thank you Mango!

Next weekend will be a busy one! Charlie will be running in the Seattle Kennel Club AKC Dog Show agility trials. This is a big show and we are excited and nervous too! We have plans for Charlie to go to the groomers for a good bath and toe nail trim. Hubby keeps asking me if we should dye her fur. She has a few white hairs in her shiny black coat that he has talked about dying or putting mascara on them to hide them. Yesterday he asked me if we should dye her coat a really dark black, you know the kind of black dye that has a colored sheen? He's a goofy guy! ;o)
Well, off to finish the laundry!
take care!


  1. Hi Puglette and Charlie
    Sounds like you have been mighty busy- looking for things to make your footies feel better. My mommie can relate to that too. She said she was from the barefoot generation and now that has caused problems with the footies- needing support and all. Bad feet is a pain in the you know what. Well Charlie we will be rooting for you in the bib competion coming up. Guess you just were not in the mood to weave yesterday. I was just looking at your cute profile pic on this blog and you could not be cuter. I don't think you need any mascara- but if you feel it makes you feel like more fun in your bones then okay. its up to you. your too cute

  2. WOW! Congratulations on the Awards - How very exciting and fun! Speaking of Exciting! We are sending you lots of positive and good luck thoughts for your Seattle Agility trials for next weekend!
    Have a fun day!
    Joan & Skippy

  3. Good Luck next weekend, Charlie!!!!

  4. Even I, the fashion queen of cats, think comfort is more important than style if you have a hurty!

    I want to have my furs dyed pink, but my Mommie says No. Rats!

  5. We'll be anxious to hear how Charlie does. Mom knows what you mean about good looking shoes and support. Her arches are flatter than a pancake, but wearing her sneakers and a high arch support, she is getting better.



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