March 4, 2009

Our New Trophy!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement for Charlie. That is so nice of all of you! Charlie went to Grandma's house for games and training today. We all hope she will be on her game for the weekend. I hear she did well today and listened and followed instructions.

I am so excited, when I got home from work there was a box from Mango's Mom!! It was our trophy from Mango Minster! Wow! Is this beautiful!! I couldn't believe that we got an actual trophy. It is a paw print in a kind of nugget look golden stone. The base feels like a ceramic one and there is an awesome plaque with the name of the show, group and Charlie's name!

We Love Our Trophy!!!
Thank you very much, Mango Mom, Mango and Dexter too! It is so nice of you to have these made and then mail them out. It is a terrific trophy and we really appreciate all the work you did.
We also got a bag of some yummy Organic Pumpkin treats for the puppies to share. They are gobbling them up! They look like Teddy Grahams for dogs. They are just a little bigger but still a teddy bear shape.
That's all of our excitement. It has been a quiet week, just business as usual. I signed up for Girlville's relaxing swap and I have started putting my swap package together. It's items you consider relaxing. I will post pictures of my package once it has been received. ;o)
take care!


  1. OMDDDDDDDDDDD! That trophy is da bomb!!!!!

  2. I can't believe Mango and his Momma sent out such pawesome trophies! They are the best!!!

  3. WHOA! That trophy is awesome! Congratulations.

  4. I'm glad you liked your trophy. It looks like you have lots of other awards too. What a sporty pug!


  5. Congratulations to Charlie on his wonderful award! And thank you, Charlie, for sharing your pumpkin treats with my beloved Ollie.

  6. Great Haiku!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow Charlie- course you deserve it! Cause your a champ with a heart of gold. What cool trophies- so very thoughtful. We were very happy for you reading this. Go Charlie go- we vote for you!

  8. hi puglette!
    oh my goodness! what a wonderful trophy!
    how fun!
    emmitt says, those cookies are his favorite, but we have to get his dad, fred, to stop eating them! i keep telling him they are for emmitt. i tell ya, i think my husband i part pug sometimes! :)


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