November 7, 2008

Yeah! It's the Weekend!

Hi Everyone!
Phew! We made it to another weekend! It was a long week for me just because it has been so slow at work. But I was able to get the crocheted mushrooms finished for Joan at Peace Love and Pugs. You should check out Joan's blog, she has a photo of some cool jewelry made from zippers!

I have mentioned swaps before, I received one in today's mail. I was so excited when I opened this package. The swap was for a handmade mushroom. I received the coolest hand carved rubber stamps. It's a two piece mushroom! I think hand carved stamps are amazing, I would never be able to carve something and have it be recognizable. I have fairly shaky hands and I would just end up cutting myself. Hubby will not buy fancy knives for me, I have a tendency to chop my fingers. ;oP I did slice the edge of my fingertip off when I first got the knives I have in the kitchen.

Anyway...I also received the cutest little drawstring bag along with the rubber stamp. It is just the cutest bag! It is handmade and lined inside. I love it! It is just the perfect size to tuck in a small crochet project.

Swapping has been a lot of fun! I think the key is to send items that you would want and handmade items are the most fun to give and receive.

I also want to tell you about another Etsy shop. This is for the giveaway I have entered on Sweet Figments. Today's shop is the Garden Bath. This is a shop full of lovely, pampering, handmade skin and bath items. This lip butter sounds yummy! Mango Peach Sorbet! That's my favorite smoothie combination. $3.25 for a handmade lip balm! What a bargain!

There are gift sets too. Three items in your choice of fragrance. These are $25.00.

So, what are you doing this weekend? I have been drooling over the chicken soup Roxy's mom is making. She has been making homemade chicken stock! Yum!! I think some soup could be made in my house, but with store bought broth.

We had hoped to get to an agility trial this weekend. There is one south of Portland, OR. Hubby really wanted to go but due to budgetary constraints, we will be staying home. I picked up an old childrens play tunnel so we will be able to practice in the back yard.

I started making a crocheted elephant doll for my little niece Abby. I have just finished the trunk and half the head and it's looking cute already. I will of course, post photos of the finished doll.

Well that's it for this evening. Have a nice Friday evening and I will talk to you soon!!


  1. Wow, that's a fun filled post. We are sorry you do not live closer, otherwise mom could give you some of her home made soup.


  2. Hi Puglette! Whew, it sounds like there's a lot going on around your house! All that stuff your momma is working on makes my momma feel... lazy! Mom says we also have some 'budgetary constraints' right now. I say as long as there are treats, we need nothing else!

  3. hi puglette!
    oh i love your swaps! how exciting. i love giving and receiving handmade gifts. they are so special.

    your ellie sounds wonderful! i cannot wait to see him!


  4. I would love to see what the mushroom stamp looks like in action!


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